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The Importance of Open House Meetings

As a parent, open house meetings or the parent-teacher association meetings are vital. Open house meetings conducted at school should never be missed by the parents, no matter how busy their schedule is. The importance of open house meetings shouldn’t be undermined. These meetings are made usually within the first two weeks of the session. These are conducted to allow children and teachers to get acquainted with each other. As kids feel most safe when they are with their parents, an open house meeting helps the kid release the tension and make them feel familiar with the surroundings.

Besides that, there are many reasons why open house meetings are so important. Here are some of them:

1. Parents and teachers’ acquaintance

At open house meetings, not only does a child feel familiar with the teacher, but they also provide an opportunity for the parents and teachers to get connected. The parents are assured of their children’s safety and wellbeing. It helps in creating a healthy relationship that contributes positively to the overall development of children.

2. Medium to share insights and information

Open house meetings are also important as it allows parents to share insights and behavior about their children with the teacher. Also, these meeting allow teachers to share insights about the children with the parents. This two-way communication with both parties being aware of the performance of the children helps them largely.

A teacher sharing information on where children are progressing and where they lag behind helps parents act accordingly. Similarly, a teacher acts based on the information received from parents. This allows parents to get to know their child better by discovering their skills, interests, likes, dislikes, behavior, and a lot more.

3. Helps differentiate the weak and strong areas

An open house meeting also allows teachers and parents to identify the weak and strong areas of a student. Both teacher and parent look forward to having constructive communication centered on the bright future of the child. PTA meetings allow parents and teachers to highlight the weak and strong areas of the child more clearly so that they can be worked upon. It provides an opportunity to know a child better and understand the frame of mind at the same time.

4. Work on purification of child and performance

School is considered a pious location to offer great knowledge and educate an individual as a global citizen. For both teachers and parents, children’s holistic personality is important. The teacher and parent have the same goal in mind, to help a child grow into a moral human being. The primary goal of a parent-teacher meeting is well-being of a child. Teachers being experts in their respective fields are well experienced educators. They must avoid disputes or clashes of thoughts with the parents and should listen to the parents. Also, at the same time, they should pay attention to the kids. Their complaints and difficulties may look unreasonable, harsh, and irrational at first, yet they may be useful to many kids. When a parent sends his or her child to a school, an open house meeting helps in offering a welcoming environment and a positive learning experience for everyone in the class/school.

The existence of a school and an instructor is contingent on the presence of a child. A parent is an active collaborator, but also a third party for the school, who is able to offer some excellent recommendations and tactics to empower a student. Education should be viewed in a broader context with building students’ integrated personality as a prime goal. However, this can only be accomplished if students, parents, and teachers work together to create a network of support in order to provide high-quality education, which can only be powered through open house meetings being held from time to time.

5. Learn about the curriculum:

To facilitate better education to your child, it is important that the lessons that are taught at home should be aligned with the ones that are being taught in the class. Being a part of open house meetings helps parents stay on the same page with school. In open house meetings, parents get to learn about the curriculum, subjects, activities and others that are being covered in the coming sessions.

6. Get along with other parents:

Attending open house meetings (PTA) not only helps children meet their friends and other batch mates’ parents, but also parents get to meet other parents. Meeting and communicating with different people help polish children’s communication skills and also help them create their own group. In fact, teachers also get to meet and know different parents and their expectations towards their child.


Open house meetings or parent-teacher association meetings are important for the parents in order to get to know better about children’s academic excellence, behavior towards other people, interest, and curriculum.  The parents can freely interact with teachers about their children and also get to know about the weak areas they need to work on for the holistic development of the children.

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