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5 Tips on How to Study Smart

What is Smart Study?

Smart study can be defined as a way of learning to learn things efficiently and effectively. Smart study is considered to be a useful concept for the students. In the ever changing and evolving world of education, it is crucial for the students to stay smart and updated.

Appearing for assignments, completing homework, attending classes on time, taking care of the stationary, and whatnot, students have a million things on their plate at any given time of the day. Being a student is not an easy task but the right combination of efforts and smart study can surely help them in acing the role. Preparing for exams is the biggest nightmare for the students, but we have got you covered. Here are 5 smart study tips that are sure to help the students in preparing for their exams in a smarter way-
1- Revisit What You Already Know

“Consistency of performance is essential. You don't have to be exceptional every week but as a minimum you need to be at a level that even on a bad day you get points on the board.”- Sean Dyche

Reviewing, revising, or revisiting what the students already know can be an add on to smart study. Revising the concepts will not only help them in understanding the concepts better, but will also help them in retaining the information and concepts for a longer period of time. Students should make it a habit of revising the already covered concepts from time to time. Last moment revisions would become extremely easy for them if they have the concepts on their fingertips. Smart study is the direct way to make the hard work pay off.

2- Practice Active Learning In The Classroom

“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process.” - Kurt Lewin

If the students pay attention to what their teacher delivers in the online or offline class, half of their job would already be done. It is observed that the students who participate actively in the classroom discussions, are more likely to spend less time while revisiting or learning the concepts again. It it better to save time and efforts by following such smart study techniques. Being attentive in the classroom will not only help the students in saving time and efforts, but will also help them to be in the good books of their teachers.

3- Plan The Day Well

“By Failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Planning the smallest of the tasks like blocking time for using social media, or making a phone call, etc. can have a huge impact in the life of the students. From what they do in their free time to what they will eat in a day, students should plan everything in order to make their smart study techniques work. The right  nutrition and diet also play a major role in the well- being and efficiency of the students. Therefore, the students should plan their day in advance and gain the maximum output.

4- Maintain The Right Balance Between Focus And Breaks

“For those of us who live in a sunny and hot desert, a cloudy day is sometimes all we need to clear our minds.”― Rodolfo Peon

Maintaining a right balance is essential in everything, whether it is cycling or studying. Students should ensure that they study with utmost focus while they study and take enough breaks in between. In order to keep the mind fresh, students should dedicate a few minutes to give themselves a break. They can also follow the 30:10 rule, which says that the students should study for 30 minutes with concentration and focus and then take a 10 minute break. They will notice an evident change in their efficiency and performance.

5- Test Yourself Frequently

“You can't improve what you won't face and own.” - Michael Hyatt

Students should keep a track of their inputs and outputs. They should make sure that the amount of effort they put in actually reap them the desired results. In order to ensure the same, they should appear for tests, quizzes, or assignments. Appearing for tests will help the students in recalling whatever they have learned till the moment as well as to familiarize with the areas they need to work on.

In short, there is no unique mantra of how to study smart, the trick lies in the daily schedule of the students. All they have to do is do ordinary things in a better way. They should follow the smart study rule and ensure efficiency. Following the above mentioned tips on a consistent basis are sure to help the students in achieving their goals.

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