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Perks of Being a Fine Arts Teacher

What is Fine Arts?

Fine arts as its name suggests is a form of art that helps individuals in expressing themselves through painting. Technically, fine arts means applying paint to a plain or flat surface/canvas. However, students and teachers also understand fine arts as a subject. Various boards like CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) have added fine arts to the curriculum. The subject is introduced to the students as an optional subject. They can choose fine arts as an additional or optional subject in order to score better in the exams. The subject is considered extremely beneficial for the students of higher classes(class 12th). The examination board conducts a practical exam with 70 marks and a written exam with 30 marks. Students have to pass both exams in order to clear the paper.

Who is a Fine Arts Teacher?

A fine arts teacher is a professional who is responsible for making the subject easier for the students. These teachers are usually associated with a school, college, or any other educational institute in order to share their knowledge further. The fine arts teachers are considered very artistic and inclined towards art. They have respectable and high-paying jobs. The fine arts teachers are known for their artistic abilities and creative skills. There are numerous benefits of being a fine arts teacher, a few of them are mentioned below.

Benefits of Being a Fine Arts Teacher

1- Help students in having their own perception- Fine arts is a very interesting subject and helps the students in expressing themselves well. Fine arts teachers can definitely help their students in having a new and better perception of things. The role of a fine arts teacher extends beyond theoretical learning. This is one of the major reasons why the fine arts teachers are loved immensely by their students.

2- New things every day-
Since the subject is all about art and creativity, there are very rare chances of the teachers feeling stagnant or stuck at a point. At times, teaching the same subject and the same topic can be boring for the candidates. Imagine reading the same syllabus and the same topics over and over again with each passing class, sounds boring right? Similarly, it might get difficult for the teachers as well. However, that's not the case with the fine arts teachers. Fine arts teachers get to explore new things every day. They can choose different ways of teaching the students about the color themes, modern art, Mughal art, etc. Teachers can also take their students to art exhibitions, art galleries, and show them different artworks. This would give students a good insight into the paintings and the subjects without putting too much effort.

3- Be an independent teacher-
Along with teaching at schools, colleges, or universities, the fine arts teachers also have an option to teach privately. Teachers can open their own institutes and teach the students directly from there. This would not only help them in generating income but would also help them in building their own identity.

4- Financial Stability-
Since the field of fine arts is not that competitive, the teachers have numerous opportunities to explore. The field also demands qualified and skilled teachers. Therefore, if the teachers are well qualified and skilled, they can quote a good salary. While talking about quality education, let us not forget to talk about BFA and MFA. BFA stands for Bachelor's of fine arts and MFA stands for Masters of fine arts. Both the courses are considered the best courses for the candidates who wish to become fine arts teachers in the future.

5- Explore your creative side-
Unlike the other subject teachers, the fine arts teachers get to explore their creative side. In the world of teaching, teachers are often observed finding time for themselves and for the things they love. However, that is not the case with the fine arts teachers. They can actually invest their whole day in exploring their creative side and take out as much time as they want for the things they love. Therefore, they are often seen as more satisfied and happy with their job.

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