Preparing Students For A Better Tomorrow With The Help Of teachmint!

Preparing Students for a Better Tomorrow with the Help of Teachmint!

  • Simran Rastogi
    Simran Rastogi
โ€œI take my first class at 5 am on Teachmint everyday and then consecutive classes for the rest of the day. My students are my biggest cheerleaders and I wish to be the same for them. Providing them with quality education and a good learning experience is my responsibility. I am grateful to Teachmint for helping me make online learning a good experience for my students.โ€- Rajesh Dubey

Mr. Rajesh Dubey is a Mathematics and Science teacher. Dubey Sir is extremely talented and is an expert in his subject. With multiple educational degrees like B.ed, LLB, B.Sc, and M.Sc from renowned universities, Dubey Sir has always stayed ahead in the game of teaching. His students call him their favourite teacher. He has been teaching for the past twenty one years. He has seen the students struggling to access quality education due to economical, geographical, or social barriers. His students used to travel for more than one hour to attend his classes, he felt helpless. However, he feels extremely grateful for the online teaching-learning process. He finds online teaching extremely wonderful and convenient. His students donโ€™t have to struggle anymore and can make the best out of the available resources.

Watching his students struggle each day was disheartening for him and he wanted to do something in order to help them. Once he observed multiple benefits of online teaching, he decided to become an online teacher. The first step was to choose a good online teaching app, he came across Teachmint through a social media platform and decided to install it immediately. His teaching experience on the app has been extremely wonderful and he says that he loves teaching on Teachmint. He has explored almost all the features of the app and loves them all, his students also love attending online classes on Teachmint. He calls the online test feature his favourite. He shared his wonderful experience of using the feature-

โ€œ I used to conduct regular tests on Teachmint after the completion of a concept. Before their half-yearly exams, I asked my students to appear for the online tests with the help of Teachmintโ€™s online test feature. This practice not only helped my students retain the concepts well, but also helped them in building their confidence by scoring good marks in the online tests. The improved results of my students assured me that choosing Teachmint was my best decision as an online teacher.โ€

He also feels that with the help of good online teaching platforms it is easier for students to study better for the exams and prepare themselves for a better future. A teacher is the only person who feels happy when their students achieve greater heights than. Rajesh Sir wants all his students to keep doing good in life and reach to the sky.

Teachmint works on the mission of making online teaching and learning experiences wonderful for both teachers as well as students. Receiving appreciation from teachers motivates us to keep growing. We wish Rajesh Sir all the best for his future.