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Reaching New Heights Everyday: Kuldeep Deka

“Teaching kids to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is best”-Bob Talbert.

Kuldeep Deka lives by this rule and hopes that his students follow his teaching and learn the appropriate way of living. Kuldeep Sir is a private educator who teaches nearly 480 students in Guwahati through his institute Smartway. He graduated from Punjab Engineering College. After his graduation, Kuldeep Sir found his love for teaching. Since then, he has been helping students prepare for various competitive exams. He provides lessons on Mathematics, Logical reasoning and Critical Thinking, English, and more. He can teach 17 subjects to students preparing for competitive exams.

Kuldeep Sir started his teaching journey by providing lessons to students preparing for banking examinations. At first, he joined a private institute in Guwahati to gain experience in the teaching field. Later, Kuldeep Sir started his institute by enrolling a single student. He wanted his student to get selected by one of the prestigious banks in the country. Kuldeep Sir’s hard work showed its color, and his student secured good marks in the banking examinations.

After some time, Kuldeep Sir reached out to more students and started giving classes to 10 students. Out of these ten students, six were selected by the public services commission in Assam. The remaining four students got selected by Indian Railways and SSC. After their selection, Kuldeep Sir got numerous enrollment inquiries from multiple locations in Guwahati.

Kuldeep Sir says, ‘Starting with just one student and then building a student base of 10 was incredible. Now, I teach nearly 480 students every day. I always get excited when my students are selected for various government departments. I aimed to help my students gain respectable positions across various government departments.’

Kuldeep Sir started giving online classes to students during lockdown through Teachmint. One of his students encouraged him to start his tuition classes. He liked the idea and decided to give it a try. The effect of that step can be seen in the success of his classes.

Kuldeep Sir says, ‘I love giving classes to my students. My classes run from six in the morning to ten at night. I have left two government jobs to follow my passion for teaching.”

Talking about the experience of getting the Diamond Educator Trophy, Kuldeep Sir says, ‘The Diamond Educator Trophy came as a surprise. After receiving the award, I uploaded some of my pictures on social media. I started getting more enrollments after that. I have achieved everything on my own, and getting recognized for the hard work is unbeatable.’

Kuldeep Sir believes that a teacher’s responsibility is not limited to preparing students for job markets. Instead, they should provide valuable knowledge to their students and help them stand on their feet. Also, teachers should provide a learning environment to suit the needs of every student.

Kuldeep Sir says, ‘Students are from different backgrounds. Moreover, they have different ways of understanding a particular topic. A teachers' role does not end only with providing classroom lectures to students. They should be readily available to the students at any point in time.’ He also mentions that students should be hardworking. Moreover, they must ask more questions to teachers. Also, students should enjoy learning and make the class interactive.

Kuldeep Sir believes in hard work and the magic it can show in life. We congratulate Kuldeep Sir and hope to keep learning from him. Thank you for choosing us.

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