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Science Exam- Notes and Resources

It is said that Science is magic that works. The scope of science knows no bounds and the importance of the subject cannot be brushed aside. Science is a pivotal subject across all boards and more often than not, students are scared of the subject. Students may find certain concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, difficult and this may lead to unnecessary tension and stress during the exam time. Today, we will be discussing a few tips and tricks that are sure to help students with their science exam.

Notes and resources helps you prepare better for science exam. Science notes created by top teachers and educators are available online and these are sure to act as a boon while preparing for exams.

Create a Study Plan

For the preparation strategy for any exam, it is crucial to make a study schedule. Therefore, after going through the syllabus, the students should prepare a good study schedule. It is required because, with the plan, students can stay consistent with their preparations. Divide the important topics as per the weightage and assign time accordingly to every topic. Make sure to prioritize all the relevant topics and sections equally to obtain the best score in the science exam.

Practice Mock Tests

After completing the syllabus, you should start attempting science mock test papers from authentic platforms. Mock tests are considered a very efficient and effective method for improving your familiarity with examinations. It enhances your speed and accuracy for solving the questions in a brief period. It also contributes to identifying your strong and weak areas. To get sufficient time to practice mock tests and previous year papers, you need to start preparing well in advance. When the teacher starts with a lesson, start searching for online study materials that can help you. You will find a lot of relevant resources and study notes here.

Read Reference Books

It goes without saying that before the science exam or any exam for that matter, you should study relevant and essential books, which are based on the latest syllabus and curriculum. You should have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and only then start with the advanced level exam preparations. Numerous books and study materials are available in the market and online. Still, you should only refer to the books that have received good feedback and reviews from other former students. You also need to read the newspaper regularly and go through news channels to prepare for the current affairs section of the exam.

Focus on Revision

Once you are done with the syllabus, mock papers, previous year papers, and more, it's time to revise. The syllabus could be vast, and hence, there are fewer chances of remembering every topic after studying them only once. Therefore, the students should maintain personal notes while exploring the topics and revise them regularly to recollect important concepts. With the help of these notes, you can make revisions before the exam, and you can avoid going through the entire syllabus once more.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, students now have access to the notes that other students have prepared. It is great to have access to multiple resources because looking at one concept from various perspectives will help cement the topics better.


Regardless of what career you want to pursue, it is important to prepare well for all the exams. Be it science, Math or English. The students  need to start the preparation as soon as possible with the given tips. The students must make a strong preparation strategy for the exam to get the best results.

As discussed, there are a lot of resources available online. Earlier, the only science notes that students had access to were the ones provided by teachers or study guides and books. Now, students have direct access to numerous science notes and other study materials online that are created by top educators and scholars. This helps to make learning more effective and efficient.

Here is one such one-stop solution for science notes:

Click here for physics notes.

Click here for biology notes.

Click here for chemistry notes.

These resources can also be used by teachers to help their students better.

Happy teaching, happy learning!

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