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Teaching Techniques for 2022

In today's competitive world, the learning needs of students have undergone a complete metamorphosis. This has led to educators and teachers being compelled to adopt new and innovative teaching methods, to ensure they continue to provide quality education, in line with practical needs. The use of effective teaching techniques facilitates better learning, thus motivating the learners and students to study. However, the traditional chalk-talk teaching method has a limited scope and offers only basic knowledge to the students. Therefore, to ensure the students gain relevant skills and practical knowledge that would make them employable, it is essential to implement advanced teaching strategies to help them excel.

As an educator, it is your responsibility to learn and employ the latest teaching methodologies to help your students acquire impeccable knowledge and skills. Here's a list of the new teaching techniques that are futuristic and way more effective than their conventional counterparts:

  1. Collaborative Learning
    Earlier, learning was majorly focused on self-study and individual learning. Students were asked to revise the topics before a test or exam in isolation. Now, the focus has shifted to collaborative learning, which comes with its benefits. It requires the teacher to divide the students into groups, wherein they all can help each other and solve their problems. They can discuss topics and questions related to it. They can also share their knowledge with others. This approach promotes the development of collaborative and social skills in the students. They learn to work in a team, and every member is responsible for the entire group's success. This way, they learn teamwork, communication, and interpersonal skills. All these skills come in handy when they step into the professional world.
  2. Spaced Learning

It is a modern teaching technique used to help students learn in a relaxed and fun way. The teacher repeats a topic a couple of times until the students understand it thoroughly. He does it with two 10 minute breaks (spaces) in-between the lesson.

The gap helps in rejuvenating the mind with either physical activities or some other focus-boosting techniques. It helps ensure that the students aren't overloaded with knowledge and have enough time to take in everything and present their questions to the teacher, in case of doubts, in the following session. This approach focuses on the physical and mental well-being of the learners.


Most children love playing games, whether it is online or on the playground. Gamification of learning is a well-known teaching technique, which is often used in elementary and pre-schools. It is an approach where the teacher uses fun ways to teach. Students learn through playing games or indulging in fun activities. It is a great way to motivate students to learn subjects that they don't like otherwise.

Teachers should figure out games and projects through which students can learn concepts in a fun and easy manner. For example, they can organize quizzes, brain games, team projects, and activities to hold the students' interest and encourage them to learn new topics.

4.VAK Teaching

It is an old teaching method introduced in the 1920s, but it is still quite effective. VAK is one of those teaching strategies, where the educator divides the learners into three categories: visual, audio, and kinaesthetic. The teacher has to first recognize the learning abilities of each student. Some learn by seeing; some learn more effectively by hearing, and some by feeling it. Accordingly, the students would have to be put into the respective category. Considering these three categories, the teacher must present the information differently to ensure all the students can grasp the lesson well.

5. Flipped Classroom

It is a popular teaching technique that works in reverse order of how a traditional classroom functions. Rather than learning the concepts in the class and revising them at home, students are asked to practice at school and learn at home. First, teachers provide online video tutorials or study material for the students to read and go through at home. Then, in the classroom, they work on practice sheets, questions, and other learning exercises. In this way, students tend to learn better and get their doubts and questions answered.

6.Four-Way Learning
Learning should be project-based, thinking-based, problem-based, and competency-based. It should offer opportunities to students to develop their analytical problem-solving abilities. With the help of a group or individual projects, problem-solving exercises, and though-based activities, teachers can stimulate the development of these skills in the students. The teacher must also focus on the particular competencies of every student and help them develop them further. It is a teaching approach that will help in the all-around development of the students and make them future-ready.

Benefits of Using Advanced Teaching Techniques

These modern-day teaching techniques are focused on helping students develop several skills. These skills include cognitive thinking, social skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills, working in a team and independently, and many more. Far from the traditional approach of spoon-feeding the students, these techniques encourage students to explore new things on their own, think out of the box, and find innovative solutions for the modern-day problems they face. In addition, rather than just gaining theoretical knowledge, it is more inclined towards helping students achieve practical expertise. All of these skills and abilities are highly important to succeed in the professional arena.

Wrapping Up

With the changing job market trends and the updated skills in demand among employers, our education system needs to be at par with it. Modern-day teaching techniques should be capable of helping students learn and develop skills that can take their employability quotient many notches higher. Therefore, it is the onus of all educators to adopt and implement advanced and effective teaching strategies to be able to offer high-quality education.

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