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How to Use Webinars to Launch Online Courses

Webinars give you the opportunity to share your knowledge, attract incoming learners, and broaden your audience. Learn how to advertise your online courses via webinars.
Webinars are without a doubt one of our most effective strategies for generating leads. They're cheap, and once you've found a way that works, you can easily scale up your webinar marketing efforts.

How do you get your course in front of an audience that’s as excited about your topic as you are?

- Webinars.

Free webinars are a low-cost way to share your skills with a bigger audience while simultaneously funnelling them into your marketing funnel so they can convert from attendees to course registrants.

Here let's go through four simple ways to transform free webinars into your most effective online course marketing strategy in this article.

Webinars are one of the most effective lead generation platforms in the e - learning industry. Webinars are an integral component of any professional marketer's sales funnel when selling high-ticket online courses.

  1. Research on your audience and pick the topic

Any good marketing requires a thorough understanding of your target audience. As a result, you should create a consumer persona before doing anything else. It's your chance to put yourself in your ideal learner's shoes, identify their pain points, and learn about their goals. Choose a topic that is related to the subject of your online course, but not primarily focused on the course. While your webinar is meant to help promote your online course, it should never be utilized as a sales pitch. Concentrate on what your online course's audience is requesting so that you may make improvements to engage the students.

2. Prepare a presentation.

Make the PowerPoint you'll be presenting during the webinar. Make it clear that you're not only promoting your online course; you should also engage in some lighthearted banter. Remember to leave time at the end of the webinar for a Q&A session, when you can answer any questions from the audience and give them an overview of the online course you're about to publish. Remember to use both audio and visual presentations to keep the audience engaged. There are many tools and features available on the internet to help you produce a professional-looking presentation for your webinar.

3. Examine your competitors.

Regardless of the course, you're delivering, you'll almost certainly be in a competitive market. This means that courses comparable to yours will be offered by others. Pay close attention to how other online instructors or makers use tactics to promote their courses. During the webinar, create genuine content and eliminate any doubts. Choose the best webinar platform for you and get started.

4. Host your webinar

Regardless of the webinar platform you use, make sure to test your webinar equipment before the big day. Learn how to navigate between slides and how to use the screen-sharing features of your software. Remember that those people are there to learn from you, even if you aren't very adept at public speaking. Recognize that you are the educator in the room, and take pride in that.
Let's start with your backstory. Your genesis story explains who you are as well as a little about your past. Through your story, you should establish your authority and make yourself relatable.  Next, tell them about your online course, how and from where you got the idea, and gained your experience in the field. Inspire your audience with real-life examples.

Using webinars to launch online courses is a great way to sail. If you strategize your plan properly you will definitely get great results out of it.

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