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How can you scale your business with technology stacks?

The global education industry has seen a surge in recent years. The traditional classroom setup has shifted towards online platforms. The technological advancements also established a new relationship between students and teachers. Now, they can easily interact through video calling and interactive online classrooms. The changing face of education has given rise to new technologies, and many companies are leveraging those technologies to create a hostile learning environment.

One such technology is a tech stack. Tech stack or technology stack is a combination of programming language, frameworks, and tools that acts as a foundation stone for mobile and web applications. Developers use these stacks to create an interface for interactive communications. The technology stacks enable ed-tech companies to offer a unique experience to students and educators. As a result, ed-tech platforms can scale their business by providing the best user experience to their audiences.

How can you scale your business with tech stacks?

Technology stacks offer numerous advantages to educators and students, including:

Interactive learning

Ed-tech companies can offer interactive learning through video calling features, chats, and messaging. It increases healthy participation among students, and they are more likely to focus on the lectures. Moreover, interactive learning offers a flow of ideas and concepts among students and educators.

Ai based learning

Real-time messaging, chatbots, and other AI-based features make learning a fun experience for students and teachers. In addition, ed-tech companies can use artificial intelligence to make online classes lively and enthusiastic for students.

Learning aids

The use of learning aids can provide a holistic learning environment. Moreover, it allows students to connect the theories and concepts to real-world problems. Ed-tech companies can develop rich content by using learning aids. The use of visualization, charts, graphs, and other interactive learning forms can help students focus on the classes.

Student management

Keeping an eye on students’ activities is crucial for every teacher. By using a technology stack, companies in the education sector can build an attendance tracking system for teachers.

Performance tracking

It is crucial to track students’ performance in the class. The analytical tools enable teachers and students to review the performances. Moreover, it also helps them understand their growth and development. With the help of a technology stack, ed-tech startups can provide analytical tools to students and teachers.

Providing these features to educators and students can help you scale your business. When you solve the problems faced by your key audiences, you gain their trust. Earning the trust and confidence of your target audiences can help your business achieve new heights.

What should you consider before choosing a technology stack?

Considering the advantages of a technology stack for your business, you may be willing to choose one to upscale your business. However, these few points need to be considered before selecting a technology stack for your company. A few pointers that you must remember are:

  • Project size

Your project size decides the choice of a technology stack. As the project grows in size, you can expect more complexities. Therefore, it is vital to understand the scope and projected growth before choosing a technology stack for your company. Before deciding on a technology stack, you may classify your projects into small, medium-sized, and large.

  • Time to market

Every business wants to develop a robust product and enter the market with a bang. However, if you want to launch your product at the earliest, you may choose a ready-made solution. For example, ed-tech startups may use Teachstack to reduce their go-to-market time.

  • Scalability

If you want to stretch your business, you must choose cutting-edge technology. In addition, the selected tech stack must be readily available to take on the added loads. You may grow your business vertically or horizontally. Vertical growth means adding new software for the increased tasks. Likewise, horizontal development focuses on adding physical machines to the existing server.

  • Security

Your web or mobile application requires high security. Therefore, choosing a stack that offers the latest technology and security to your web and mobile applications is vital.

These features are critical while selecting a technology stack for your ed-tech company. There is a constant modernization in the technology stack to support education management software. With the advancements in technology and the creation of new avenues for education, ed-tech platforms can grow exponentially.

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