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The Importance of Adopting Growth Mindset for Teachers

An educator wears multiple hats. In addition to providing quality education, they also find new ways of engaging students. Also, they support their learners on the journey to self-discovery and help them realize their true potential. In a nutshell, teachers try everything from introducing students to new learning materials to pushing them out of their comfort zones. However, the overall classroom progress depends on a teacher’s interaction with their students and the way of giving instructions. The mindset of teachers and students also influences classroom progress. To develop the mindset of pupils, teachers also need to pay attention to their way of thinking. By adopting a growth mindset, teachers can provide the best to their students and themselves.

Growth mindset vs. Fixed mindset

We have different ways of overcoming challenges. Some are more likely to get overwhelmed when confronted with a problem; others may look out for solutions. This reaction depends on the mindset and how it affects the ability to make a decision. Two types of mindsets-growth and fixed decide how an individual will confront the problems.

People with fixed mindsets believe everyone’s abilities are unchanging and nobody can develop any new skill during their lifetime. The believers of fixed mindsets assume that a person’s talents and skills are predetermined by their birth. However, people with a growth mindset believe that skills and abilities can be developed over time through effort and perseverance. As a result, they devote time to honing their existing skill sets and developing new ones with continuous learning.

Impact of growth mindset for teachers

Various studies have proved that developing a growth mindset improves classroom performance and engagement. Moreover, medical sciences have proved that connectivity between neurons changes as we gain experiences. In addition, gaining new experiences can also help in the development of new neural connections. Through strategies like asking questions and practicing complex tasks, teachers can encourage neural development in students.

What are the five characteristics of a growth mindset?

To develop a growth mindset, teachers can take hints from the points mentioned below.

  • Be open-minded

Teachers must keep an open mind in and out of the classroom. They should know what they can do to serve the unique needs of their students. Also, they should be open to criticism and take regular feedback from students. Developing an open mind will help teachers understand their students’ requirements better.

  • Be comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty

In the process of developing a growth mindset, teachers should never be afraid of taking risks. They should keep on experimenting to bring positive changes in the classroom. Moreover, they should see through ambiguities and capture unseen opportunities. After continuous trial and error, teachers may develop a classroom plan that will work for maximum students.

  • Take ownership

Teachers should take accountability for their actions. If some of their moves are not reaping benefits, they can modify their plans. Taking ownership ensures they understand their responsibilities and are willing to provide their best to students.

  • Grow with people

Even the most experienced teachers may need the help of their peers for the betterment of students. To develop a growth mindset, they should know the art of learning from and growing with people. Teachers can also learn from their students and apply those learnings to their classrooms.

  • Promote individuality and inclusivity

Inclusivity is when every individual feels welcomed in the classroom. Likewise, individuality refers to respecting the thoughts and ideas of others. Teachers can promote these two qualities to create a wholesome environment in the classroom.

By adopting these five characteristics, teachers can encourage and develop a growth mindset. It will help them enhance classroom collaboration, foster new ideas, and promote inclusivity.

How to spot growth and fixed mindsets?

To spot fixed and growth mindsets, look at the points mentioned below.

Fixed mindset

  • Individuals with fixed mindsets do not like to take on challenges and become furious when facing an adverse situation.
  • They never take criticism positively and give up easily.
  • Individuals with a fixed mindset feel threatened by the success of their peers and others associated with them.

Growth mindset

  • Individuals with a growth mindset are willing to learn and improve themselves. They are more likely to develop their skills after taking feedback from others.
  • They see efforts as a path to gain mastery in different works.
  • They take inspiration from the effort and success of others.

How to implement a growth mindset in classrooms?

Implementing a growth mindset is viable for teachers as they don’t need to make huge changes to the classroom curriculum. They can take help from the strategies mentioned below to incorporate a growth mindset in the classroom.

  • Facilitate positive self-talk
  • Promote learning, resilience, and efforts in the classroom
  • Focus on the process and not the result
  • Establish a system that communicates realistic expectations of the outcome

To establish a growth mindset in the classroom, teachers should focus on their students’ behavior. They can observe if their students are ready to accept the changes and willing to transform themselves. By helping students develop their skill sets, teachers can foster progress in the classroom.

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