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The Star Teacher: Indrajeet Kumar

Being rewarded as a Diamond Educator is no less than a privilege for me. I feel extremely supported and encouraged by this acknowledgment. The Teachmint Teacher Recognition Program is a great way to keep thousands of teachers associated with Teachmint motivated, I find the program unique. Being teaching for a long time now, it feels great to be recognized for my efforts and hard work. Teaching is something that I always wanted to do, helping students, and watching them shine is what gives me happiness, says Indrajeet Sir.

We are delighted to share another success story of a wonderful teacher with you. This is the story of Mr. Indrajeet Kumar, a Physics teacher who hails from Bihar Sharif, Bihar. He holds vast teaching experience and deep knowledge of the subject. Indrajeet Sir has been teaching Physics for several years, he is associated with a recognized school of Bihar Sharif. With dedication, efforts, and hard work, he won the Diamond Educator Trophy under the Teachmint Teacher Recognition program. He conducted 1000+ hours of live classes on the platform and proved himself deserving of the award. He strongly believes that there's nothing that a human being can not achieve with discipline and consistent efforts. While talking about his motivation for working so hard day and night, he simply said-

"My students are my biggest motivators, providing them with the correct knowledge and a good learning experience is my only goal. When I start with a new session my mission is to help those students in the right way, guide them to become a better version of themselves. I believe in completing the syllabus on time so that the students have enough time for revisions. Seeing their good grades in revision tests and exams pays off for all my hard work and efforts. A good teacher is someone who never hesitates from walking whatever extra miles it requires to provide the best learning to their students."

Indrajeet Sir also shared that he has put up the Diamond Educator Trophy in his office and he loves it when his students and colleagues appreciate him while looking at the trophy. He loves his online teaching experience and suggests other teachers to shift to online teaching as well. He would love to continue teaching in the hybrid model. He believes that hybrid learning provides flexibility to both teachers as well as students. While all these years of teaching he has had many experiences, learned new things each day, and he wants to share the same with the teachers who have just started their teaching journey-

'Teaching is not only a profession, but it's also an art, and a true artist is someone who understands their art well. In short, a good teacher is someone who understands the learning needs of their students and knows the correct way to cater to those needs."

We are super proud of Indrajeet Sir and wish him good luck, success, and a bright future.

Stay connected to this space for more such wonderful stories, thank you for reading.

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