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The Urban Learning Internship Program

Internship opportunities are a turning point in the career of students. During industry exposure, students embark on their professional journey and understand what they are expected to do in the workplace. The Government of India has developed The Urban Learning Internship Program (TULIP) which provides internship opportunities to fresh graduates in all urban local bodies and smart cities across the country. The program aims to co-create solutions for the future of our cities.

Let us understand how TULIP provides better internship opportunities to students and the eligibility criteria for this program.

What is TULIP?

The changes in the urban ecosystem are fast-paced which compels the government to adopt a fresh perspective when solving modern infrastructural problems. Moreover, the urban ecosystem is a space for discovery. Many local and central governments engage with academic institutions to bring fresh ideas and innovations when planning the infrastructure of a city or locality. TULIP has been developed on the same line. The program equips students with problem-solving and logical reasoning abilities while simultaneously giving them the exposure to manage real projects relating to urban infrastructure development.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and AICTE have partnered to implement this program and give the best internship opportunities to fresh graduates. The state and central governments carefully monitor the program, and the Urban Development departments support this program at the state levels.

Role of different stakeholders in implementing TULIP

The prominent stakeholders that make this program a wholesome package for students are:

  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs: The ministry lays down the guidelines for the program and takes care of the management and capacity building.
  • States/UTs: These bodies ensure that the program is implemented successfully. The Urban Development departments support the program at the state level.
  • AICTE: It serves as a connection between fresh graduates and the urban development bodies. Moreover, AICTE helps in platform management and end-to-end digital hand holding.
  • Urban Local Bodies/Smart Cities: These implement programs at the local levels to meet the needs of local people.
  • Graduates: They learn the complexities of urban planning and infrastructure through hands-on experience.
  • Urban Ecosystem: Job-ready professionals become available to different stakeholders.

Eligibility criteria for students

Fresh graduates can apply to this program to start their internship journey in the field of urban infrastructure development. Students from AICTE affiliated colleges and non-AICTE affiliated colleges can apply to this program. It is a paid internship where the stipend depends on the scope and purview of the specific urban local bodies or smart cities one is applying to.

Other criteria for enrolling in this internship program are:

  • The internship opportunity is open to Indian students, and they can apply for the program within 18 months of completing their graduation.
  • Before applying to the program, students must have scored a passing percentage in all the subjects they are studying.
  • Fresh graduates need to submit their digital transcript or provisional certificate to apply for the program.
  • To apply for the internship, students must produce government-issued identity proof, proof of academic qualifications, and a letter of recommendation from academic mentors.

Upon successful completion of the internship, the urban local bodies or smart cities generate the certificate for the students. These bodies can use the TULIP portal to generate the certificate.

Outcomes of the program

TULIP is designed to fulfill the demands of various stakeholders. The program intends to deliver for:

  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

The program encourages youth to participate in nation-building. It enhances youth engagement towards urban initiatives and helps them develop plans and contribute to building a livable city. With the help of proper infrastructure and a strong urban base, MoHUA believes in creating a sustainable living environment for every Indian citizen.

  • ULBs and smart cities

The urban infrastructure has to overcome multiple challenges to provide the best livable conditions to citizens. With the help of TULIP, they come in contact with a skilled and highly-qualified workforce that helps them resolve modern infrastructural challenges.

  • Fresh graduates

This internship opportunity helps students learn the basics of urban infrastructure planning through practical experience. Moreover, they get the chance to co-create innovation for cities. Their knowledge and experience enhance the field of urban planning, urban design, different branches of engineering, IT, mobility, finance, social sector issues, and environmental issues.

10 benefits of doing an internship

Students and the industry they are working in both get equal advantages from internship opportunities. For students, it is the time to get industry exposure and develop themselves professionally. Similarly, industry experts get the chance to work with young minds. This lateral transfer of knowledge and experience is vital for societal development. Some other benefits of participating in an internship program are:

Job experience

The job market gives attention to individuals with experience. Therefore, fresh graduates may face adversity when looking for a job. An internship is a perfect way to fill the gap as it gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience. During the internship, candidates get an idea of how their chosen industry works. Moreover, they understand the details of the work culture and what they can do to fit in. Graduates also get the opportunity to perform assigned tasks in a real-world setting. As a result, they understand the nitty-gritty of performing a job.

Research experience

As an internship allows students to use their logical thinking and critical abilities to solve existing problems, they develop their interpersonal skills. Moreover, various scientific internships allow students to develop their research abilities. They can use their understanding of the subject to develop new models or approaches to solving problems.

Access to different tasks and departments

During the internship, students are exposed to different fields and job functions existing in a department. They can attend meetings, help their supervisors in daily activities, and assist the management process of a company. Moreover, students also understand what skills they need to develop to thrive in the industry.


Working as an intern allows students to take guidance from their mentors. Mentors have years of work experience which makes them a suitable choice for mentees. Moreover, they provide proper guidance and help students understand what their career roadmap may look like. They guide the career path and help students establish strong personal relationships with industry experts.

Guidance in career development

During college, students study a number of subjects to understand their interests. Moreover, a college degree gives them an idea of what career they want to pursue. For others, studying multiple subjects enriches them with a diverse set of experiences. An internship opportunity gives students job experience by introducing them to daily activities followed in a corporate organization. Moreover, it helps them decide if they are fit for a certain job role or what skills they need to learn to excel in their chosen career.

Professional network

Having a strong professional network becomes crucial if anyone wants to thrive in the job industry. Therefore, students should focus on developing their professional network, and internships bring them closer to industry experts. They can form valuable connections that might help them in their job search.

Powerful resume

The job experience that students get during internships helps them build their resumes. Learners can add the duties and job responsibilities they were taking care of in their resumes. Moreover, they can add the list of skills that they acquired during the internship.

Recommendations and references

The recommendations and references of mentors help students move forward on their career paths. It gives them credibility, and hiring managers give attention to their profiles. Getting recommended by an industry expert enhances the chances of getting hired by a successful corporate organization.

Transition to a permanent job

Many students are hired for a permanent position in the same organization from where they completed their internship. Internships can act as preliminary employment training that prepares students for the actual job market.

Build confidence

The transition from college to corporate fills individuals with multiple emotions. They may get excited, face anxiety, or become hopeful. Amidst all these emotions, individuals may lose their confidence. Internships can show an individual how they can develop leadership, communication, and other relevant skills. It builds their confidence and gives them insight into the job industry.

These points show why getting internship exposure is crucial for students. Students can choose any industry of their choice to start their internship journey. For instance, if they are interested in urban planning and designing, they can apply for the concerned roles in this segment using the TULIP portal. To get more information, pupils can click here.

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