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Top 4 Teaching Props for Online English Teachers

A new culture of learning is being promoted in every country, leading the world of education into a flourishing space for fast growth. Students have adapted to the classrooms on computer screens, while the online teachers are thoroughly enjoying the convenient working hours from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has changed the outlook of parents and students on the methods of learning, which has pushed the horizons of teaching to an extent where the process does not demand as much time as the physical classrooms. Learning and teaching have been made easier and more fun through these virtual sessions. It has transpired into a clear win-win for the online teachers, especially for those who have wanted to cast a wider net for the learners scattered across the globe.

Beginners might have confusion regarding the relevance of props in an online classroom. Creative applications to a lesson could transform the whole ambiance of a session to engage the students more even for the less exciting topics. If you are starting out on a platform, you may want to grab a few props before the classes are scheduled. English teachers are essentially instructors/mentors who should wisely use props to communicate to the students about the vocabulary and sentence constructions. All online teachers looking to create more immersive classes must consider using the following props to improve the overall learning experience.

1. Puppets

Puppets are essential for online teachers to make the sessions more appealing and informative, especially if the audience is kids. The students will find it easier to have conversations with the teacher the first time they meet each other. Sweet interactions combined with the use of puppets can create wonders. This could turn out to be ideal online teaching since it engages everyone, including the parents, without them having to worry a lot about their children during these classes. Puppets and stuffed animals might serve as the best props while greeting the students and accompanying parents. This could also be a great ice-breaker for the session to make the students familiar with all the faces on the screen within an hour or so.

2. Visual Props

Online teachers need to make sure that the visual appeal is dialed up by a notch or two to keep the eyes of the students glued to the screens for the hour. Different items can be used for the effect, and the package could include flashcards, pictures of scenery, the school, and body parts, making it less complicated for the kids to catch up on the vocabulary that keeps expanding every day. Adding some humor to the sessions can decrease the level of tension and intimidation the students might be feeling in their first week. When you are buying visual props, try to add the following 2D visuals to your cart:

  • Words of persuasion (mostly for reading and activities)
  • Food
  • Yes/No cards
  • Body parts
  • Unexpected items that personalize your classes

3. Engagement Props

English, as a language, possesses meaning in every fall and rise of tone; so, it is crucial that the online teachers absorb the essence within the medium to communicate the details with excellence. They might need a few engagement props to keep the classes as fun as possible. Students are more likely to stay focused when engagement props such as pointers, puppets, magic hands, games, magnifying glasses, and reward charts are used. Boredom is expelled from the classroom to infuse more fun and magic into the topics. Digital options are also available these days if you don't want to purchase products or prefer to travel while teaching. Online teachers can make the best use of these features on the internet to elevate the lessons to the next level of engagement. Several camera filters, game-like assessments, gifs, and online activities are ways to make the sessions less exhausting. Traveling English teachers will especially find these props beneficial because they don't have to carry a bag of classroom items everywhere they go.

4. Whiteboards

Teachers should try and clear the unnecessary points to pass on only the information the students will need to know. Pick whiteboards that fit the frame capturing your session so that the classrooms are dust-free. The explanations can be less time-consuming and backed by hand-drawn diagrams when a versatile and handy whiteboard is readily accessible. You could use the whiteboard to make notes and play games with the students; regardless of the purpose, these boards serve you just right. Those who cannot easily purchase a whiteboard can also laminate a piece of paper to replicate the effect.


English teachers planning to dive into the online teaching space must try the wide array of props available in the market to stay relevant in the highly competitive field. With every prop used in the classroom, the language is accented to a more engaging standard.

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