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Top 4 Ways to Use Flashcards

Understanding a concept is crucial for students. It not only helps them improve their marks but also enhances their knowledge. The benefits can be achieved when students use the right technique to learn a concept. One of the most effective techniques to study and learn something new is using a flashcard. These are easy-to-use and effective study tools that make reading and learning easier for students. Let's learn more about flashcards in the following sections.

What are flashcards?

Various apps and websites equip students with study tools to enhance their learning experience. However, a flashcard is one of the most used tools preferred by teachers and students. Understanding what are flashcards is essential before using them to learn new concepts. It is a small card containing information to aid the learning process. It revives one's memory and helps one become more attentive. These cards include names, vocabulary, concepts, or procedures. The information is written on both sides of the card and students can refer to the available information whenever they need it.

Benefits of using flashcards in the learning process

Every study tool has its share of benefits. The advantages of using flashcards are:

Two-step process

Learning through a flashcard is a two-step process as it involves making a card and then studying from that card. As a part of the process, students can retain more information when learning through these cards.

Study from both sides of the card

As the information is written on both sides of the card, students can develop a better understanding of the subject.

Beneficial for all learning styles

Every student follows a unique learning pattern. The major learning styles consist of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory. These cards are beneficial for students following these learning patterns.

Understanding flashcards meaning is crucial for students before using this technique in their learning routine. Students can use this tool in various ways to get the maximum benefits. However, the major ways of using this tool are mentioned below.

Four ways to use flashcards to study

Students can use these cards to learn about different concepts and vocabulary. The top four ways of using this card are:


Students can build their vocabulary through flashcards. However, first, they need to understand the flashcards meaning and how to use them. They can put the word on one side and its meaning and definition on the other side of the card. The pro-tip to using flashcards for vocabulary is to write the definition in easily understandable forms. Students can use their language to define a term. It will help them grasp the meaning more easily.

Questions and Answers

Another way students can use flashcards is to remember the answers to textbook questions. They can write the question on one side and the answers on the other side of the card. This technique is especially useful to learn the concepts of science and history. However, students can extend this learning tool to all types of content.


Use flashcards to learn about chronological events or history. Students can make various cards to know what event occurred at what time. The chapters in history are full of events that occurred at a particular time. Students can use the flashcards in the following ways when studying time-based events:

  1. If students are learning about the events with dates, they can write the dates on one side and the related event on the other side.
  2. For events without dates, students can write important points related to the events on both sides.

Grouping Concepts

Students who face difficulties making connections between two concepts can use flashcards for grouping different concepts. The best way to learn new theories is by connecting them with something that we know beforehand. The cards can be used to learn new concepts in the following ways:

  1. When studying vocabulary, try to group similar words. Words with similar definitions can be clubbed together.
  2. When reading a story, write about all the characters on the card. Then write their characteristics separately and then group characters showing similar characteristics.

Students can try different permutations and combinations to use flashcards during study time. They can make many piles using the same set of cards.

Studying with flashcards: Tips for students

A few tips that can help students make the maximum use of these reading cards are:

  • Students should try making their flashcards. They should not depend on the cards readily available in the market.
  • Use both sides of the card for studying.
  • Read the cards aloud.

Following these tips will help them retain the information for an extended period. Students willing to score better in the exams must know what are flashcards and how to use them to improve academic performance.

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