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Top 6 Essential Tools for Virtual Classroom

Earlier, it was difficult to imagine a classroom outside the school boundary. But in the recent few years, the education sector has seen a dynamic shift. Now, classrooms do not need four walls, and students do not need to be present in a physical classroom to get education. The virtual classroom has taken the place of physical classrooms. However, conducting successful virtual classrooms is not easy. The task becomes even more complex in the absence of online tools required to conduct virtual classes effectively.

Here is a list of online tools crucial to conduct a virtual classroom effortlessly.

  • A video conferencing tool

A video conferencing tool is a must-have for schools to conduct a virtual classroom. However, be careful when choosing a platform for conducting an online class. Consider the requirements of teachers and students and then select the best platform according to the needs. Teachmint is an excellent platform for teachers and students. It allows live classroom recording and makes the task easier for teachers. Moreover, the automated attendance, study material, test creation, and interactive whiteboard feature are added advantages for every educator and learner.

  • An LMS

A learning management system is crucial to automate the necessary activities in a school. It is a one-stop solution to manage the requirements of a virtual classroom. It offers a bundle of advantages to school management and includes features such as student management, content management, planning and creation of sessions, homework assignments and tests, etc. To keep up with the changes in the education sector, school management should invest in an LMS platform.

  • A communication platform

Maintaining transparency within an educational institution is crucial. That’s why schools need a reliable communication platform to share the right information at the right time. With Teachmint, schools can maintain a strong communication channel within and outside their campus. Moreover, a communication platform will help teachers connect with parents and provide them with accurate information.

  • A platform for doubt resolution

Asking questions is a crucial part of the learning process of children. If students are curious, they will ask more questions, and it will help in their overall development. As a result, students need discussion forums and interactive chat features to connect with their teachers to solve their queries. Many times, students feel intimidated in asking questions. It could be because they feel shy or under pressure. Another reason could be that a private messaging group may sideline their doubts on a particular topic. Therefore, students require a dedicated platform where they can post their doubts and get the solution for the same.

  • A system to support constructive feedback

Feedback is a crucial component in a virtual classroom. In such classrooms, many students do not turn on their cameras. Moreover, if the class strength is high, the classrooms are conducted like a webinar. As a result, teachers may struggle to provide individual attention to students. They may also face issues understanding the concerns of their students at the same time. Therefore, an open communication channel is crucial. One of the easiest ways to provide constructive feedback is using the school management system. Teachers can use this system to keep the students on track. With the help of timely actions and feedback, teachers can help in the overall growth of their students.

  • Automated attendance feature

Taking attendance in a virtual classroom seems challenging to teachers. At times, network glitches may make the task burdensome. Also, if a student is enrolled with more than one ID, it will disturb the overall count of the classroom. Therefore, having an automated attendance system in place will help teachers keep a count of students. Moreover, this system does not require much input from the teacher’s side. They can easily collect information on students’ attendance with a few clicks.

Choosing the best platform to host a virtual classroom is crucial. If the school management does not succeed in making an informed decision, it will impact the learning of all students. Moreover, any disturbance in the learning process will also hamper the emotional, mental, and cognitive development of students. Therefore, the decision-makers at school must invest in effective online tools to conduct virtual classes efficiently. Educational organizations can get access to all these tools and a lot more with Teachmint.

Educational institutes can use Teachmint Integrated School Platform for improving the teaching-learning process. With our advanced learning management system, you can improve the teaching-learning experience. Our offerings like education erp, admission management system, fee management system, and others conveniently digitize educational institutions.

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