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Types of Technology in Education

Technology has now taken the world by storm! We all know that every domain in this world is backed by technology. And, as it is evident, education is not without the support of technology! Thanks to the emergence of several forms of educational technology, the learning process has become more accessible and enjoyable. The teaching process of educators, while mentoring the students via a mobile teacher app, has also been conditioned further with the advent of top-notch technological forms.

The myriad of high-grade educational technologies has made the concept of ‘online education’ a fascinating one. The most fantastic aspect of these Ed-Techs is that various kinds of learners are now getting the required aids that help them understand concepts in learning styles that suit them the most.

Let’s look at the best forms of educational technology that can be perfectly integrated into the virtual classroom setting.

Types of Technology in Education

Type #1: 3D Printing Technology

With 3D printing technology, everything can be ‘printed’ in tangible forms. From the perspective of education and the hybrid learning classroom, hands-on live models can be easily created to help the students understand a particular topic easily. Such kinds of 3D models may involve the demonstration of any physics-related experiment, the clear depiction of the 3D figure of any human body part, plant, or microbe, the model of any geographical phenomena, for instance, the formation of mountains or volcanoes, etc. The subject matter of these topics will become clearer to the students as they will get their hands on 3D models. 3D printing technology has come as a blessing for kinesthetic and visual learners. No one can now stop them from learning most effectively!

Type #2: Cloud Technological Services

Cloud technology is one of the most common and popular services that emerged in recent times. It is all about storing various files and crucial information in the cloud network to retrieve these files on any device with proper internet connectivity. Teachers can use cloud technology to share essential study resources, e-books, notes, presentations, class recordings, and much more. Students can easily access these at their convenience. What is even more fantastic is that the students will benefit from chatting with their teachers and solving their problems or doubts. Now, assess yourself- isn’t this an awesome advantage?

Type #3: Gamification Of Learning

Who doesn’t love playing games? With the gamification of online education, students will now be interested in learning new topics and subjects. By making the students engage in exciting games based on study matter, they will learn in the best way possible. Game-based learning is a fantastic way to learn new concepts by piquing their interest in a specific lesson. With the availability of several educational games, students can now have an excellent understanding of the lessons present in their curriculum.

Type #4: AI-Powered Teaching & Learning Facility

AI or Artificial Intelligence Powered teaching and learning facility has opened up ways to automate the grading and evaluation process for the teachers and personalized learning opportunities for the students. Moreover, the teachers will also gain a deeper understanding of the students’ learning preferences and thus help them teach their pupils in the best way possible.

Type #5: E-Book Technology

Lately, the trend of e-book usage has been on the rise, as these can be accessed anytime, anywhere with the students not having to use the bulky books. Students won’t even have to purchase many books but just download the e-books from the internet. Once the e-book is downloaded, students can start reading them right away on their tablets, laptops, or mobile phones. Aren’t all these educational technologies extremely beneficial?

With the availability of a plethora of educational technologies in today’s era, both the students and teachers can now optimize these innovative and helpful ed-tech conceptions. The more you will learn about the ed-tech sector, the greater mesmerized you will be. Make the best use of these available options and upgrade your teaching process, if you are an educator, and your learning process, if you are a student. All the best!

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