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Typing His Way To Success with Teachmint

“There’s no joy like knowing that you have contributed to someone’s success. No matter how small the contribution is. I believe every little thing counts.”- Ashuthosh Kumar

Ashuthosh Kumar from Jharkhand is a breath of fresh air. Be it his views, ideas, or thoughts. A mentor for stenography and an expert in the same, he has been teaching for more than a year. He had an offline setup but when the pandemic struck out of the blue, things came tumbling down. His zeal and interest kept him going.

Hailing from a rural area, where not many are aware of online classes and the online mode of education, Ashuthosh faced a lot of issues. Finding a good online teaching app that would work even when the network connectivity is low was the first hurdle.

He tried a lot of apps and to his disappointment, none of them worked well. It was either too pricey, or the free ones just didn’t hit the mark. That’s when he came across Teachmint. He was searching for a good pen tab and stumbled upon a YouTube Video that talked about Teachmint. He wanted to give it a try and Ashuthosh says that it was the best decision ever. The platform has helped him scale his business and teach students efficiently.

“Teachmint has all the features that a teacher would ever require. Its security and user-experience are impeccable.”

Ashuthosh has been using Teachmint for more than six months now and he says that the experience has been exemplary. This is mainly because of the ease and convenience that Teachmint offers, says Ashuthosh. He added that since students can’t tamper with anything and they can’t see other students’ numbers, there is an assurance that everything is secure and private. He also added that it was hard to believe that the platform was free since it provided a lot of features.

His passion for stenography started from a young age. He loved being able to type fast and when other people found it helpful, he was motivated to teach and become a mentor. Ashuthosh has cracked several government exams including the SSC Stenographer exam. Through his institute, he is enabling students to clear government exams and be independent. Stenography is not a conventional subject and is out of the box. He aces the role of a mentor and his commitment to the profession has made him an expert.

“We are living in a digital era and it is important to stay updated and informed. Online education is the new normal and teachers should upskill themselves accordingly. Teachmint ensures that teachers find the platform comfortable and thus makes the transition super easy and convenient.”

Today, Teachmint offers education infrastructure to institutions and helps them digitize and automate their activities. It helps schools make smart decisions faster and aids in the learning process with a robust and efficient school ERP and LMS solutions respectively.

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