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Virtual Classrooms- 5 Tips For Teachers

A virtual classroom is a setup where the teachers as well the students interact with each other virtually. It is an online learning & teaching environment for students and teachers and makes communication very convenient between these two parties. Virtual classrooms are also known as online classrooms, digital classrooms, or online classes. The concept of virtual classrooms and online teaching is touching hearts by making the learning-teaching process convenient. Childrens’ education through a virtual classroom assures their child’s safety to the parents. In addition, online classes and virtual classrooms are an efficient way of learning as they not only save time but also offer learning from a comfortable environment. Online teaching gained popularity when people felt the need for quality education at ease, and now it has become the choice of a majority of people. Teachers leave a deep impact on the lives of their students. Their guidance, love, and support keep their students moving. The knowledge they impart to the students stays with them for years or sometimes for a lifetime. Teaching is not a trivial task and it is very demanding in nature. It demands knowledge, time, management, and whatnot. Here are five tips for a teacher to run a virtual classroom smoothly-

5 Tips For Running A Smooth Virtual Classroom-

  1. Plan The Classes Well- In a virtual classroom the class time is short and the students try to grasp as much as possible, even teachers try to explain the concepts well. In order to make the most of the allotted time, it is important for the teachers to plan the class beforehand. Any class that is planned in advance often gives even fruitful outcomes. Right planning is the only way to get the right results. A few things that teachers can do to plan their classes well are- choosing the right topic, preparing a good opening introduction about the topic, making short notes, etc.
  2. Do Technical Checks- Any virtual classroom setup demands a good internet connection, efficiently working gadgets, power backups, etc. Before starting any class, teachers should make sure to do cross-checks of the same. It is important in order to face zero hindrance during the class. Teachers should also assure a comfortable sitting arrangement for themselves as sometimes they may need to conduct break-free classes. Conducting hassle-free classes is important for teachers to make the learning of their students better.
  3. Initiate Discussions- Students always love discussions with their teachers rather than plain lectures. They appreciate when their teachers consider them worthy of a discussion and they try their best to put good points on the table. Good teaching has two major stages, sharing correct knowledge about the concepts is one important thing, and making the students understand the concepts well is another. Therefore, teachers should make sure that their students are actually understanding the concepts rather than just noting down the notes.
  4. Use Different Teaching Strategies- Imagine someone explaining to you the difference between solid, liquid, and gas through complicated theoretical and scientific concepts. And then someone explaining the same concept with the use of water and ice at your home, which one will you find easier, than the second method for sure. This is because people tend to understand the concepts better when they can relate to them. Teachers should always choose the right teaching strategy that helps the students relate to the topic. They should also try different teaching methods and strategies from time to time. Since every subject & concept is different, the teaching strategies should also be unique and helpful for the students. Using good teaching techniques is one of the best ways to make the virtual classroom interesting.
  5. Motivate Your Students- Since a virtual classroom runs completely online, it might sometimes become difficult for the students to keep themselves motivated. In such situations, it is the responsibility of the teachers to help their students stay motivated. There are many ways of doing so, talking to the students directly, arranging fun activities, telling inspiring stories to name a few. A teacher can be called a successful teacher only when their students are happy and satisfied.  

“One book, one pen, and one teacher can change the world”- Malala Yousafzai. So, if you are a virtual teacher then make sure to implement these 5 tips in your teaching to make your virtual classroom better.

Happy Teaching!

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