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How to be An Efficient Online Teacher-4 Tips

In the light of the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, teachers across the globe are forced to switch to online teaching, all the way through various online teacher apps, for the teaching and learning to continue. This 'New Normal' has each and every perks and benefit. Being customary to an age-old style of teaching, it has been easier said than done for the educators to become accustomed to online teaching style from the scratch. Because of brilliant online teaching apps that are simple and easy to use, teachers have been able to make a seamless switch.

In online teaching, lectures are carried out and acknowledged in an absolutely different way, than in traditional learning environments. For this reason, it is significant for us to talk about the best ways and tips that our teachers can use whilst teaching online. Through this article, we will have a look at few strategies that teachers can make use of, to make online teaching efficient.

Making effective decisions as an educator

The engagement of students in an online classroom depends on a teacher's decision-making ability as well as the quality of their decision. A teacher's attitude and preparation are what make or breaks a class. This applies to any type of teaching methodology, regardless! Apart from that, it is important for a teacher to be aware that their teaching practices are up to date as well as pertinent. A blackboard and chalk have been nothing but pieces of technology that the teachers have used to convey their knowledge to the students. Had they not know how to use them, the teaching would have failed. Similarly, it is important for online teachers to stay up to date and well aware of all the tactics as well as features of the platform they are using to teach students online.

Creating an Online Classroom Society

Group tasks and assignments always foster education. It is the best way for students to get along, appreciate differences and deliver results, together. A teacher must keep in mind that managing students online is equally a task as done when offline. Hence, it is important to build a community of students online for better results and effectiveness.

A teacher must carefully analyze how to -

  • Take care of networks and build a healthy relationship with students.
  • Give space and time to the students to make bonds and mingle with peers.
  • Encourage students to contribute something of value to the student community.
  • Manage time for feedback.
  • Carefully observe the pace at which each student is learning.

Executing Time Tables

Online education has provided students as well teachers the benefit to learn and teach in flexible timings. However, this is sometimes taken as an excuse by the students and hence, they do not complete their tasks sincerely on time. As a teacher, it is important for you to monitor the pace of each student's learning pattern and have deadlines ready for each task given. These last dates of submission can also be shared with the parents to have a better hold on the submission of tasks on time. Further, students must be directed to take their own charge as opposed to getting habitual of getting spoon-fed. Hence as a teacher, you must -

  • Set up diverse learning pathways by regularly involving the students in the planning of lectures.
  • Provide a diversity of learning content to the students that allow them to make preferences that arrange in a line with their interests.
  • Making students introspect on what they require as a learner, not what their classmates may be interested in doing.
  • Always ask your students for feedback — teachers do not have to have all the answers at all points in time. In this case, students are an immense supply of tech tips and suggestions that may be really important in the long run.

Being Flexible and Quick

The biggest fears for teachers while teaching, are to lose engagement with students and be unable to manage resources. The online shift has removed these fears. With minimal to zero physical content to manage, and fewer time commitments, teachers have only got more empowered.

The complete shift from traditional to online education can be a bit difficult. It is hence essential to work on effective teaching patterns as well, using advanced and smart pedagogical approaches and getting hands-on new devices and applications that may be essential for the smooth running of your online class. By encouraging group-based learning, continuous communication, and active participation, an online class can be conducted easily and successfully. It is a scientific fact that students learn visuals better than texts. Hence, virtual visuals-based learning must not be discouraged in a digital world.  A teacher is also a student and hence, there is zero harm in learning a new way of teaching! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks for executing a smart class online, easily! Till then, Happy Teaching!

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