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Why It is Important to Have an Effective Student Attendance Management System

Tracking down records of peoples’ presence at any organization is an important duty of the admins. Absence has negative consequences on one's professional life, resulting in a loss of money and reputation on a personal note. Schools and organizations place a lot of emphasis on attendance. Researchers have discovered a significant link between academic success and attendance in school. As a result, some schools or organizations employ an attendance management system.

Teachmint offers an exciting and easy-to-use tech platform wherein the attendance management system is an integral part. The Teachmint software comes with various functions and a properly thought-out system for managing daily attendance.

What’s more?

Teachmint offers an integrated platform for school management systems which makes it unique. Its combined solution comprises LMS (Learning Management System), School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and Digital Content.

Take a sneak peek to discover the attendance management operations of Teachmint’s school management system in detail to completely comprehend why it is important for your institute.

What is Attendance Management System?

At every organization, the staff's time and attendance data is tracked.  With a precise attendance management system, you can determine the working hours of your staff while saving time and effort. Likewise, education systems can leverage such attendance management systems to track, access, and retrieve student and staff attendance data.

What is attendance management system’s purpose? The system collects and saves student attendance records using smart devices. The system collects attendance data and then organizes, saves, and examines the information. Again for faculty, it generates very precise and efficient daily attendance records that help track students' presence.

Teachers can preserve time using student attendance systems to electronically record student attendance during lectures. It documents a student's attendance, previous absences, and other attendance-related information. Teachers can systematize and keep tabs on students’ attendance data by operating this feature not only from desktops but also through mobile applications. Since they do not need to use their valuable time to record attendance, it reduces the workload for the teachers.

Kinds of Attendance Tracking System

Attendance systems are divided into two distinct categories: manual and digital. Some manual and digital attendance systems are shown below.

Manual Attendance System

Employees who use the manual attendance system must enter their present state. The manual system comes in two styles:

1. Book-based attendance style

In school, class teachers mark the attendance of students in the attendance book. Similarly, employees must record the time in the attendance log register when they arrive or leave. It usually includes their name, entrance time, and sign.

2. Analog computer system-based style

Each employee gets an attendance card and uses an analog system to record their attendance. This system parallels book attendance because employees keep track of their arrivals.

Digital Attendance System Applications

As digital systems are proven safe, and the data is hard to destroy, numerous organizations have widely utilized them. The different types of attendance management systems are under-

1. Biometric Scanners

Biometric scanners are one of the most frequent investment in attendance management system units in schools and organizations that opt for automatic attendance systems. They are used to track attendance by scanning individuals' fingerprints. It examines several parts of the fingerprint from various angles, leading to information accuracy. The availability of each individual's unique fingerprints eliminates the possibility of discrepancy and fraud. The devices used in attendance systems are classified as either capacitive or optical scanners.

These types of attendance management system are typically installed at the entrances of companies or schools to allow impartial and easy attendance data collection. Their appropriate location, however, is determined by their intended usage. For example, in schools, placing them at the classroom entrance will allow hundreds of students to record their attendance on a device with ease.

Depending on the software a user opts for, biometric systems generate reports in a variety of formats. It can also be connected with the school's or organization's specific attendance management system software.

Since this type of attendance system uses employees' fingerprints to clock in and out, the fingerprint system's strength is that it is hard to alter. However, this system may not recognize one's fingerprints if their fingers are wet or dirty.

2. Recognition of faces

Face recognition is much more complex than fingerprint recognition. It scans the human face and eyes. If your face matches the data in the system, you've successfully clocked in or out.

3. PIN-based attendance system

Each employee has a unique password. Passwords can be made up of either numbers or letters. The person has to simply enter their password into the system to record their presence. It appears simple, but it is easily manipulated.

4. RFID System

RFID is another comprehensive method a number of schools or organizations utilize. The device operates at a low frequency and requires a Radio Frequency Identification card (RFID ID). The RFID card is to be brought within five centimeters of the device to register attendance. The system necessitates the installation of a server on campus. Typically, these types of attendance management system upload attendance data every ten minutes and also enables real modifications. The list finally reaches the lecture rooms, which can be used to double-check the data.

5. Portal-based System

The portal-based attendance management systems are straightforward and easy to use. They come with an array of features that are easy-to-use systems via any device. They can be used to take attendance on any electronic device, including mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, or laptop computers. The simple format allows for time and effort savings. These apps and platforms generate reports instantly and automatically.

Every student or employee should be able to access the website and log in to check their attendance. When a company uses this type of attendance system, all that the members need to do is browse the website, enter their username and password, and clock in. A website or portal-based attendance system needs a stable internet connection in order to record your attendance.

5. Magnetic Stripe Cards

A person just needs to swipe the card on the allotted machine. The attendance data is automatically recorded in the system. A magnetic stripe card has a magnetic stripe that stores data. Magnetic stripe cards are passive devices with no electronics. These cards are also known as swipe cards since they are read when swiped through a card reader.

Manual versus Automated Attendance Management System- Quick Comparison

Undoubtedly, staff and student attendance are important for an organization to keep its work system functioning effectively. It even affects pay estimates in some firms and students' performances in schools. An organization can select between a manual or automated attendance system. Punch locks or some other manual system is used in the conventional approach of recording attendance. This manual approach demands continuous human input. But, thanks to technological advances, an automatic attendance procedure has been established that delivers vastly improved benefits.

Due to its straightforwardness, the digital attendance system is growing in popularity nowadays. In response to this, several organizations make investment in attendance management systems.

This system's primary purpose is to keep track of staff' or students' attendance to make the job of the human resources department easier.

What types of attendance management system should an organization or school have?

A manual or a digitized one?

This question has no precise answer because it depends on how can attendance management system help you and the company's necessities. For your convenience, Teachmint has developed an solution for attendance management to smoothly run the crucial feature of collecting attendance records.

Let us quickly look at the comparison between manual and automatic attendance management systems.

What is Attendance Management System?

The student attendance records are gathered and saved by the features of an attendance management system using mobile devices. The system gathers attendance statistics and compiles, saves, and assesses the data. Below are a few important aspects on how can attendance management system help you.

Automatically Records Data

By implementing this method, you can stop wasting time manually dealing with the attendance task. The system works for you by gathering and storing all the staff's or students' attendance records.

Delivers Authentic Results

Your staff/teachers can provide incorrect information when you track the attendance manually. Manual tracking can result in inaccurate records. Some workers might record extra hours on the attendance sheet to get overtime pay in organizations. But, with an automated attendance solution, you may stop worrying about such errors.

Assists in Administrative Tasks

Attendance and payroll management are time-consuming and challenging tasks. However, an electronic attendance system takes over your organization's critical administrative tasks, making them a lot easier and quicker.

Increases Staff Productivity & Saves Money

It may reduce the needless movements that staff members make. An increase in productivity is witnessed by adopting an automated attendance system. They will be able to finish the task before the deadline. This saved time will also favor students' performance as they will get some extra time with the teachers.

Hassle-Free Teaching Process

Teachers have far less workload, zero paperwork, and thus more free time with automated attendance systems, resulting in a greater focus on teaching.

Simple in Operation

Installing and using an automated attendance system is simple. Users need not learn something simple or additional to operate it. Anyone may access all the information relating to attendance management with only a few clicks.

Accuracy in Payroll

By removing the possibility of human error, automated attendance software produces more accurate data for payroll. Individuals don't have to worry about getting paid wrongly, nor do managers have to worry about compliance difficulties.

What is a Manual Attendance Management System?

Traditional systems that need employees to manually fill out their attendance sheets are called manual attendance systems. It is often used in schools with a limited number of students. Smaller businesses with very few staff typically use them. Such attendance systems must be applied correctly and regularly, though. Additionally, HR managers are under great pressure while using these methods to collect information about employees' working hours.

Let's examine a few important aspects of the manual attendance management system.

Probable Human Errors

The attendance of the staff must be recorded while keeping in mind the necessary obedience, rewards, and so on. However, when such tasks are performed manually, the probability of human error tends to increase.

There is always the risk of human error while using punched cards or time cards. Staff members may incorrectly record their presence or hours of work, or the information may be entered incorrectly into your payroll system.

These mistakes are frequent when manual timesheet solutions are used. Your admins may have to spend significant time correcting these errors. Errors that are not recorded can result in incorrect conclusions about students’ presence.

Data Manipulation- Time theft

Since the data is manually recorded, it is easily manipulated. Employees may enter incorrect information to earn more profit. Furthermore, this can result in a "Time Theft" condition. As a result, you will continue to pay your employees for time they did not work. Manual time recording allows employees to register for their shifts using another punch card. This is recognized as buddy punching, a common concern in large corporations.

Lower Speed

Manually recording attendance is a time-consuming process. This can have an impact on both efficiency and staff performance. Moreover, manually obtaining your students' attendance data will take time. Also, the entire process may end up consuming a huge amount of time in maintaining scorecards and fixing entry errors, among other issues.

The students might have to wait in line to enter or exit, and your staff might have to deal with ticket issues. This may include substituting the scorecard, resolving time entry errors and errors, and dealing with other issues that arise when manual time recording systems are used. However, with an automated attendance system, you can finish all of these tasks with just a single click.

Ineffective & Outdated

Manual methods of obtaining attendance are ineffective and become outdated as new technologies are introduced. As a result, employing such traditional methods can significantly affect an institution's activities and are also pricey.

Obsolete Systems

Relying on obsolete systems poses the threat of system crashes, security issues, and theft or loss of valuable information. Considering a situation where the attendance system fails to process data, and a student is held accountable for being absent. However, the features of an attendance management system relieves stress, saves time, and helps boost accuracy.

Keyboard & Printing Errors

Everything depends on manual data entry using keyboards, from collecting attendance data to collecting percentage data for each student. A simple printing error in such manual data entry can result in an incorrect total attendance percentage for an individual. The school teachers will have to thoroughly review all the details by the end of each day. Also, they must try to enter data daily, ensuring they are not overloaded.

Incorrect Time Entry

Teachers and staff use various time recording options, such as timers, touchscreen kiosks, PCs, mobile phones, etc. Automatic time recording lowers administrative expenses as it improves efficiency. However, for this system to function properly, it needs to be integrated into your billing module. Biometric assistance is one of the most secure methods of timekeeping. It avoids common time theft techniques like punching on behalf of a friend.

Unreasonable Paperwork

To manage a growing volume of data, a system that ensures information is archived, found, and retrieved in a swift manner is required. If the attendance is marked in the records, paperwork can take up a lot of space. If an organization or school has multiple offices, accessing documents from each office in different locations will be even more difficult.

Who wins?

The manual system clock piercing is ineffective and outdated. They can have a major effect on the efficiency of your institution.  These issues are becoming more prevalent in large universities.

When you only have a few hundred students, you can reduce the inconvenience caused by manual clock solutions. However, if you have a thousand or even more students, opting for a manual system isn’t cost-effective. One’s investment in attendance management system will be a boon as one joins hands with integrated school platforms.

How Can Attendance Management System Help You?

How can you tell if staff or students are on time or running behind? Do you employ any advanced techniques to track attendance?

Organizations and schools widely use paper time cards, timesheets, and manual spreadsheets because they are simple. Recently though, time and attendance tracking software has been gaining popularity.

Does your organization require changes? Is the transition worthwhile? Do you know the important aspects to consider while choosing the right attendance management system for your organization?

Let's analyze.

How to Select the Right Attendance Management System?

You might have been beginning to wonder which attendance management system is ideal for your institution. To facilitate your choosing correctly, here are several factors to consider before deciding on an attendance system.

  • Data Security:  Attendance is considered sensitive data by many organizations. This data is usually combined with the personal information of students and salaries in the case of the school staff. As a result, selecting an attendance system that is guaranteed to be secure and hard to break into is important.
  • Efficiency and Accessibility:  Not everyone understands how attendance software works. As a result, you need a system with a simple operation. It can, for example, be accessed via smartphones.
  • Data Precision: Your teachers' and school staff's attendance is linked to payment, and having an accurate system is essential for avoiding employee compensation blunders.
  • Simple to Use: Work efficiency is positively affected by an easy-to-use system.
  • Budget Friendly:  Make certain that the system you pick is within your budget. It is not advised that a school devotes most of its resources to the attendance management system only; rather, opt for solutions that are rich in features for the management of different sectors.

Importance of Attendance Management System

Every school has a necessary attendance management function. Especially in large corporations like schools, the investment in attendance management system has greatly simplified the process of managing staff and student attendance. The procedure greatly helps track a school's students, faculty, and service workers. The features of an attendance management system was created to provide a simpler way for administrators to supervise employees and students. Staff can save time and money, reduce workload, and increase productivity.

In addition to keeping track of attendance, it can prevent members from making unauthorized movements. An automated attendance system is a practical and cost-effective way to keep track of an organization's human resources. You will benefit greatly from implementing this approach.

The system assists in managing attendance by investigating student absences, finding a solution, collecting data in real-time, removing redundant data entry, and so on.

Problems Faced in the Absence of a Digitilized Attendance Management System

There is an impactful step-by-step method for grasping the importance of attendance management system. Initially, we'll go over the main problems faced in its absence. We'll proceed to the ultimate solution an administrator receives from using these SIS-based attendance admin tools.

Proxy/Fake Attendance

Proxy attendance refers to totally fake attendance at lectures. Students use a variety of techniques, such as duplicate signatures and fake "Yes Ma'am!" or "Present Ma'am!" shouts.

The most common causes of proxy include adhering to the 75% attendance rule, obtaining bogus attendance-based rankings,  fleeing from lectures, and voiding different subject teachers.


Luckily, automated attendance management declines any chances of proxy calls, buddy punching, and document tampering. With an integrated biometric attendance system, there is no space for proxies.

Excessive Time & Resource Consumption

Schools must purchase large quantities of registers/entry books and other stationeries to manually record attendance. The routine of attendance earns a great deal of attention.


The features of an attendance management system eliminates the need to use paper and reduces the cost of purchasing stationery.

Management of Leaves

Obtaining leaves for educators and administrators at schools has always been a lengthy process in traditional official scenarios. A leave application should be passed from table to table for acceptance.


Attendance management tools have shortened the tasks of school administrators and teachers by actually shortening the long leave application process. They can now easily manage teachers' leaves using the attendance management system, which enables them to supervise, regulate, approve, or deny them.

Counting Errors

The manual attendance system can sometimes experience counting errors. Counting and marking the attendance of pupils or team members often causes an unintended error made by teachers or optimizing compilers who deal with attendance sheets.


When the procedure is automated, factual errors in registering attendance are not possible. In addition, since teachers no longer need attendance registers to note student attendance, paperwork is limited.

Inadequate Integration

Regarding manual attendance management systems, there are very few integration features. Apart from attendance tracking, no other features are available.


Integration of the attendance management system with suitable applications simplifies things for students, teachers, and administrators. Besides, the system integrates with swipe and biometric systems used in administration. Various types of attendance management systems enable institutes to create personalized attendance regulations based on individual needs.

Furthermore, you can tweak the software to your organization's objectives or integrate attendance software with HR and payroll solutions.

Top Features of Teachmint’s Attendance Management System

Tracking student attendance and absenteeism are not just the only feature that state the importance of attendance management system. In addition to these, there are a number of outstanding related features that account for a greater image of Teachmint as an integrated solution for all our school management systems. Also, there is a vast list of offerings. For instance, it provides features like assistance with student absenteeism management, wherein it helps the administrators identify students who are often absent. School admins or teachers can intervene and ensure such students’ regular school attendance.

The schools and administrators need to know many more amazing features of Teachmint’s attendance management system. So, let us explore.

1. 100% Accuracy of  Data

Manual attendance information is inclined to human error. So it is better to handle the process by making use of technology, i.e., a properly designed system. This is a way to automate your data and enjoy the accuracy with which it gets stored.

Earlier, when educators used traditional methods of documenting attendance, they would merely know when the student came or was still there or not. The only concern of the teachers was to inquire about the arrival time of every student, as this was all they could monitor. In such a situation, a latecomer can somehow escape through the inquiry when they falsely state their arrival time.

Teachmint includes certain advantages of attendance management system such as keeping track of the exact time a person arrives at an institution. The time gets documented as soon as the student skims their fingerprints or attaches them to the system.

2. Push Aside Worries as Your Data is Secured

There is yet another good feature where students can not check into any other person's account. The automated technology can quickly address students checking in on other students' attendance on their accounts. Manual attendance gets insecure as it counts people as having attended class even though they haven't. What are benefits of attendance management system regardings security?

Teachmint provides advantages of attendance management system by extra security wherein every student enters a unique set of credentials into the automated system in order to record their attendance. A special limiting factor to fraudulence is the inability of students to log into their attendance unless they are in class.

After establishing the framework, the admin department generates different degrees of protection. Such degrees of protection ensure the database's security. It is up to the school admins to appoint such sensitive tasks to trustworthy staff.  Which means only those with the necessary permissions can access the data.

In terms of security, cloud-based school management systems are a preferable option over web-based systems. In comparison to the web-based option, cloud-based has more layers of security. Teachmints' cloud-based school attendance systems have, thus, made proper data security possible.

3. Leverage a User-Friendly & an Error-Free System

Student attendance solution software is simple to use when compared to other complex technology with numerous features. Teachmint software is easily understandable and user-friendly, therefore, has the quality to benefit all. The user will be able to use the system successfully due to the simple but appealing user interface, well-constructed database, and clear data representation.

The traditional way of controlling attendance can undergo several errors making it unproductive and unreliable. One of the advantages of attendance management system is that it eliminates the need for human intervention, thus, generating accurate data, fewer errors, and user-friendly space.

4. Enjoy Perfect Reliability

When it comes to the feature of reliability, automated software solutions are far more reliable than traditional manual working. The importance of attendance management system by Tecahmint’s integrated platform is evident owing to the accuracy of the system, as discussed earlier. This intervention has been a very effective step in removing the chances of errors. The software-integrated machines certify the accuracy of important data much better than an individual. Moreover, lessened staff activity helps the respective members to concentrate on other important tasks improving productivity.

5. Access Centralized Data

Every collected piece of information regarding students, teachers, and other staff members is uploaded into a central data system. These storage solutions include both cloud storage and mechanical storage, such as a centralized computer. The technology is linked to approved devices or accounts at both places.

It would become easier for pupils to verify their attendance throughout the period of assessment. Students would no longer have to meet each teacher individually, requesting personal statistics. Teachers will find this method more convenient because they will not need to carry several attendance records. When teachers have to cross-check a particular day, month, or annual attendance, all of the information they need will be accessible from a single platform. Similarly, when a teacher takes a class in place of an absent teacher, it becomes easier for them to share attendance information.

Regarding the administration, the accessibility of a centralized database serves as an additional degree of safety. They are always at hand to monitor the entry and leave timings of students of the school. They are made to access a computerized record demonstrating every student’s presence in an institution.

6. Quick Updates for Parents

A very valuable importance of attendance management system by Tecahmint is that it might provide optimal updates to the parents. The system can be configured according to the needs, like updating parents as soon as it gets real-time updates. Parents can get message alerts through text messages or email. Guardians need not worry about their child’s safety news anymore. Every parent will immediately receive a notification in their mobile apps regarding their child’s arrival or departure.

As an outcome, parents and guardians will be put at ease that their children have safely reached their school. On the other hand, if any student prefers not to attend their school or does not enter the school premises, or has not signed in, parents will be informed.

Teachmint’s feature to keep parents updated is one of the most valuable advantages of attendance management system. Updating students’ timely entry to the parents is one feature that makes them comfortable that the school values their children’s safety.

7. Have a Grip on the Flexible and Insightful System

The use of attendance management software is possible with different electronic gadgets. The attendance management software works on different devices, including desktop websites, through the Teachmint portal, and on mobile via the application for attendance management. The software makes use of technology such as desktop readers and biometric terminals. The system collabs with the biometric services and aids in automatic attendance without requiring any personal device.

In the present digital age, teachers and students might attend classes from a wide range of locations across multiple time zones. Operating an online attendance through a tracking application can help easily mark your presence.

Teachmint introduces this easy application wherein you just need to do a few clicks, and you can attain insightful data with the digital attendance system for organizations or institutions. For a more in-depth assessment, you can obtain monthly, class-by-class, or subject-by-subject reports. The software can generate any custom reports and keep them in a centralized place. Teachers and institutions can make use of this type of tracking in order to maintain accurate attendance.

8. Use Analytic Reporting

Among the different types of attendance management system that analyzes student attendance and can prepare reports as needed is possibly one of the most efficient ones. There are significant advantages of attendance management system, as the automated technology makes it possible to quickly identify attendance patterns.

Teachmint’s system can generate reports that provide a complete staff and class attendance overview. Reports can be customized to evaluate a specific class, a particular student, or a certain grade level.

These reports show details of vacations, festivals, absences, missed classes, unnecessary breaks, and other variables that can be used to put higher regulations, thus, raising overall student attendance.

9. Cherish the Smooth Workflow

Automated attendance management gives a hassle-free environment. An organization’s system turns out to be well-sorted, motivating an encouraging and happy environment. Complete removal of every kind of complication and delay in attendance gives a smooth workflow in the institutions.

10. Digitalization Worth Accessing

Teachmint’s goal is to speed up the traditional method of taking attendance. Another reason for developing this solution is to automatically generate the report at the end of the session as well as between sessions. Notes, assignments, and notices might also be uploaded so that everyone has easy access to them. Teachmint offers an advanced cloud-based application that provides a paper-free attendance management system that's far more cost-effective and quicker than the existing traditional method of attendance marking.

To begin digitizing attendance is also a significant step in terms of the environment as it saves paper, i.e., natural resources. It is, in a way, the participation of every institution to showcase a step towards eco-friendliness.

11. Advanced Personalization

The features of an attendance management system displays personalized attendance data in various ways. It gives an overview with quick and detailed information. Similarly, the systematically classified information of different classes and sections can be viewed to obtain statistics on individual pupils.

12. 75% Attendance Trustworthy Reports

How can attendance management system help you and the school for accurate reports? The automated system by Teachmint enables rapid access to the reports generated automatically. It reduces human input by directly giving the information. Thus, there's no requirement to analyze attendance or calculate the attendance percentage of each student.

The reports can be promptly examined for future action, i.e., contacting the student's parents. Individual and class attendance reports, as well as a specific record of pupils with less than 75% attendance, are an added benefit for every teacher and school.

Moreover, admins can limit access to viewing attendance to prevent unofficial attendance edits. It protects the privacy and eliminates the probability of false reporting or cheating.

13. No Chance for Duplication

We found duplication of attendance in the manual or traditional approach of the attendance management system. Teachers are usually required to record attendance on a sheet or a register before entering it on the computer, which may sometimes result in duplication.

Obviously, copying data from handwritten records to create digital versions is prone to mistakes. Also, it takes double the input effort. Using Teachmint’s attendance management system integrated with the biometric system eliminates the chances of all commotion.

14. Get the Cost-Effective System at Hand

The advantages of attendance management system helps the school indirectly through efficient cost utilization. The increased productivity of teachers and other staff members, as well as accurate reports with fast interpretation and decision-making data, all contribute to the growth of the school.

Also, eliminating manual tasks reduces errors, reducing the cost of resources used otherwise. Furthermore, such software strikes off the errors in the payroll.

15. Get Instantaneous or Real-time Updates

The Biometric-based automated attendance system directly updates the attendance upon user actions. It helps with last-minute planning and determining the availability of specific individuals or teams.

For example- Suppose there is any refreshment distribution in the school. Now, the teachers need a quick estimate of the total number of students present in the school. It has become easy through Teachmint attendance systems where they can just do a few clicks to get the exact number of pupils present.

It eliminates the need for manual attendance or reporting. Schools might benefit from the same when it comes to assigning substitute teachers, which is frequently dependent on manual attendance.

16. Easily Integrable Modules

Different types of attendance management systems are designed to operate independently or in collaboration with biometric systems. Sometimes these are used to coordinate with smart cards. Given their ease of integration, they are suited for worldwide use, unlike the traditional attendance method in any school.

17. Include Leaves Management

With no information system in traditional attendance management, it is difficult to know and plan for the remaining leaves. The features of an attendance management system provides the number of leaves for individual information. The school administrator receives detailed information to help with granting leaves to their staff and students.

Probable Users of Teachmint Attendance Management System

The web application makes it simpler to integrate data and automatically track the time of employees and students. The administration can keep track of which days and hours students and teachers were present or absent.

An attendance management tool is helpful for recording attendance and ensuring a smooth payroll procedure for employees. Both teaching and non-teaching staff can keep track of their hours worked and attendance. The following are some examples of organizations at different levels that can benefit from certain types of attendance management system:


Kids’ schools


International schools

Public & private schools 

Primary, Secondary & Higher educational institutions

Cultural Academies

Vocational Institutes


Companies with distributed staff

A student attendance system, regardless of the setting, is one of the most creative methods for recording and tracking student attendance that may assist in speeding up daily functions. Parents usually expect their child's school to have a reliable method to monitor student attendance. As an outcome, a learning institution should create an efficient and effective administrative system.

Diving Deeper Into the Attendance Management System of Teachmint

Teachmint has digitalized and automated attendance systems. Teachmint is the main provider of the app and portal-based systems. The biometric attendance systems can also be linked with the software for a consumer-friendly interface.

Additionally, the method is suitable for both student and staff attendance. There are specific sections developed for each category and are entirely dedicated to the concerned category.

Let's take a closer look at the possibilities of using Teachmint's attendance management system.

System for Students

The student attendance system provides-

  • notification
  • an overview
  • insights
  • a detailed report

Each factor is covered in detail below:


The site page begins with a message regarding the day's attendance status. It is situated on the first page to alert authorities, who might take extra action if necessary.


The attendance overview is intended merely to provide smooth insight and brief information about the day's current attendance status. The attendance overview shows all of the students enrolled in the institution. As a result, other data adhere to the same. The overview function here satisfies the purpose of updating the user without scrolling too far into the software.


This section is placed on the left side of the attendance overview part. Its objective is to offer an alarming alert that requires a quick response. The alert is regarding the number of classes whose attendance has not yet been registered. It also makes school staff aware of the number of classes with less than and more than 75% attendance.

Teahcmint's other services can be used to check the incapacity to indicate attendance. For example, the absence of class teachers due to staff attendance. Alternatively, a substitute teacher may be absent and must be assigned via Teachmint's services. Classes with low attendance can be checked for performance, and class teachers can be contacted via the communication channel given by Teachmint in a wide range of formats or contact numbers.

Detailed Report

The attendance module shows detailed attendance reports. The reports serve two main operations for the school admins:

1. Detailed attendance reports of all classes

2. Spot marking of attendance by the school administrators

Outstanding Attendance Report in Class-Wise Format

The student attendance section has the following details:

  • Class- Name of class and sections
  • Class Teacher- Name and contact details are provided. This information can also be changed according to the change of the assigned teacher.
  • Total students- Number of students in a particular class.
  • Attendance Present- Shows attendance status, i.e., percentage of present students. It also gets indicated if ‘not marked’.

The information in the student attendance section is sorted by class. The student attendance report has four parts that provide more specific information.

  1. Present day’s attendance(graphs and tables)
  2. Attendance insights (particularly for defaulters)
  3. Institute Attendance Trend
  4. Detailed reports (student and class-wise format)

Let us go through the details of all of Teachmint’s four parts mentioned above-

Present day’s attendance

A simple pie chart shows the statistical attendance information about the total number of students in the school. It is designed using different color codes for various categories for easy interpretation. The statistical representation is programmed to further redirect the users to a well-organized detailed report for a thorough glance. The present day's attendance is also recorded in tabular format, which can be used alternately like an attendance register.

The interpretation is effortless and indicates that each column has certain added benefits to allow further ease of access.

  • An option to alter the sequence of classrooms, sections, and roll numbers from top to bottom or conversely.
  • Option to alter the student alphabetical order and enrollment number arrangement from Z to A or A to Z.
  • A single-click sort function for easy viewing of the marked or unmarked classes in the order of priority.
  • Easy searching of any student by name or enrollment ID.
  • Efficient attendance is checked for any particular day by adjusting the date.
  • A filter can be set to view specific classes, sections, or students based on their status.
  • The option to download an attendance report is also available.

Attendance insights

The feature is especially useful for board students, as admission cards and eligibility for examinations are based on attendance.

  • It provides data on the total number of students with less than 75% attendance.
  • More specific information is also available in a full report.
  • The link takes you to a page with student attendance and performance data.
  • An additional column reflecting present days has been added to aid understanding.
  • Visitors that visit the defaulters' list for a glance or to take action will get all the information on one page.

Institute Attendance Trend

  • It is the report's smaller column that offers a daily or monthly student attendance report.
  • For brief attendance information, the depiction is user-friendly.
  • School administrators interested in thorough reports might continue to do the same.

Detailed reports

The detailed status provides student attendance for a specific class. Teachers can easily filter and download reports and perform other actions to build strategies. The following information is included in the class-wise reports:

  • Class strength
  • Students Present
  • Students Absent
  • Attendance
  • Class Teacher
  • Detailed Status

About Staff Attendance

A user will come across a horizontally oriented calendar on accessing the website. It marks various events using different colors. The page also includes information on-

  • The total number of members
  • Attendance status
  • Names
  • Job descriptions

The staff attendance page also provides for simple attendance marking, such as marking all as present and then marking only those who are not present. One can also search, download, and update the status view for any specified date.

Leaves’ Management Section

  • The leaves can be viewed, approved, managed, and tracked.
  • Knowledge about previous leaves, requesting a new one, or approving the pending ones can be done easily.
  • There is a separate part where you can view and request the leave.
  • All required functions can be examined on specific dates as needed.

What are Benefits of Attendance Management System?

Attendance is an important factor in a school's smooth operation, and its mishandling can set off a chain of events that can destabilize the entire school system. Having comprehensive attendance management software installed can make the entire process simple to understand, follow, and execute, leaving almost no room for error. Today is an excellent time to begin utilizing an Integrated School Platform - a platform where learning and teaching merge with school management. Avail the complete set of the advantages of attendance management system. Keep track of your attendance, include it on your report card, and make your school NEP 2020 compliant today!

Do schools know what are benefits of attendance management system? Here is the list of the very exclusive benefits Teachmint offers.

1. Reduces the Burden on Class Teachers

The class teachers are typically responsible for maintaining class attendance. This is now done quite easily using Teachmint online's attendance tracking software with a few manual feeds from the class teacher. Hence, the entire process can be automated.

2. Broader Accountability for All Stakeholders

Since student attendance will be conveniently accessible to all stakeholders, including students, parents, class teachers, subject teachers, admins, and other workers, all parties will be up to date on the student's attendance, making them all directly accountable for it in their own way.

3. Flawless Integration of Staff Biometric Authentication

Staff attendance is just as important to school administration as students’ attendance. Connecting biometric authentication devices with the rest of the school management software will be effortless if the school uses Teachmint. The biometric data of all staff members will be integrated into the staff attendance management software. User mapping will be completed after integration, with each staff member having a unique device ID mapped to their name. This will help to automate the biometric authentication process by marking them present if their biometric authentication is complete and directly recording the time and date.

4. Lessens Calculation Errors

With very little human involvement in attendance calculation, errors will ultimately reduce to zero. Attendance can be easily updated if there are any errors, and reports will be available according to the latest data.

5. Allows Slot-Wise Attendance Management

Some schools may have rotating shifts every single day. Schools may also choose to take class attendance multiple times each day. Teachmint has their back in any case. Teachmint's Attendance management software lets you track attendance in three different time slots in a single day. This can be used in any manner that meets the requirements of the school.

6. Recognizes the Absentees

In a school, attendance management is undoubtedly essential. As a result, productivity improves. This software monitors and reports the absentees of the day. Besides, the admin can create an alternate schedule for the teachers.

7. Helps Approve Leaves

The school heads/principals are always preoccupied with the main activities of the school. They don't have time to read the manual, leave notes and confirm them. The leave application is conveniently available in the school management software. Students and teachers can request leave through mobile applications.

Why is Teachmint a Smart Choice?

Teachmint ’s ambition is to raise educational quality above the present level. The target of our Integrated School Platform is to reshape the current educational management system.

Teachmint is constantly working to improve the ed-teach infrastructure and extend its global reach to assist every school, student, teacher, and parent in achieving their objectives. It implements digitalization and automation to improve school functions. Among the numerous reasons why you must choose Teachmint, some are as follows:

  • Reasonably Priced

A variety of features, including a website domain, apps, planning, and management assistance, and much more, are accessible for an affordable cost.

  • Trust

Teachmint provides specially-made services for teachers and students, helping over 20 lakh registered teachers.

  • Global Reach

We currently serve around 30 nations, including over 5000 cities in India.

  • Digital Solution

Our educational content is accessible in a wide range of languages, which include Indian and international. The concept of original educational content is foreign to India and, thereby, highly valued.

  • Rapid Growth

We became the first startup to reach $100 million in revenue in less than 16 months. With the most powerful school administration program as your partner, you can automate operations, enhance efficiency, and cut costs.

Key Takeaways

Each student and staff member is responsible for registering their attendance as soon as they enter the school. The introduction of an effective and user-friendly instrument for tracking school attendance is urgently required. To manage attendance properly, it must eliminate errors.

The customizable school management solution from Teachmint organizes attendance. The staff and students' attendance records are effortlessly gathered. The software serves to record the information in individual student profiles. The admin or teacher can produce the day's drop-outs by class with one click on the attendance field. Also, the parents are informed of their ward's absence.It goes without saying that this tool will be very beneficial for gathering information. As a logical result, these advantages of attendance management system of Teachmint can be used to flawlessly create daily, weekly, monthly, and annual records.

Learn more about Teachmint plans here.

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