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World Youth Skills Day

Developing relevant skills is vital for every individual. When you are skilled, you are more likely to be employable and can create your space in the job market. To make individuals skilled and equip them with relevant knowledge, the United Nations General Assembly declared July 15th as World Youth Skills Day in the year 2014. This day is celebrated to mark the importance of providing technical skills to adults and students. Equipping adults with relevant skills makes them employable, or allows them to start their entrepreneurial journey. In addition, World Youth Skills Day also promotes dialogue between young people, technical and vocational education training institutions, firms, employers and worker organizations, policy-makers, and development partners.

The job market was severely impacted by the pandemic. Moreover, this unprecedented incident added layers of complexity to the labor market regarding the skills and competencies that will be in demand once things return to normal. The United Nations and its agencies like UNESCO-UNEVOC are determined to solve the challenges of the job market. The main functions of this agency are:

  • Reducing access barriers to the labor market
  • Ensuring individuals get skills and knowledge that are recognized and certified in the job market
  • Offering skill development opportunities to unemployed and school or college dropouts

Providing relevant skills to individuals is not only important for their growth but also creates a positive impact on the workforce industry. When employees are equipped with relevant skills, they are more likely to perform better in their job roles. This can also accelerate the growth of the company and in turn, the economy.

What is the theme of the World Youth Skills Day?

The theme of World Youth Skills Day is ‘Transforming youth skills for the future.’ The theme was decided to help the world recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Every year the United Nations decides on a specific theme to celebrate World Youth Skills Day.

What is the benefit of TVET in youth skills?

TVET (Technical & Vocational Education and Training) equips youth with relevant skills needed to survive and thrive in the job market. Moreover, it also helps them gain relevant skills for self-employment. The United Nations has set multiple agendas to be achieved within a specific timeline. They have termed these agendas the ‘Sustainable Development Goals.’ Education and training are vital to achieve goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals- “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” Therefore, TVET becomes vital for everyone, including low-skilled people and college or school dropout students.

Who monitors the quality of vocational training in India?

Directorate General of Employment & Training (DGE & T) looks at the quality of vocational education and training in India. It is an apex body under the Ministry of Labor that works to make youth employable and provide skilled manpower to the industry besides providing employment services.

The responsibilities of this nodal organization are:

  • Formulating policies and laying down standards
  • Granting affiliation to institutes offering vocational training
  • Providing employment services
  • Monitoring training programs
  • Trade testing and certification

Vocational training activities/courses for students

Technical and Vocational Training and Education (TVET) is vital for every individual willing to earn an income. The courses cover various stakeholders: school dropouts, instructors of training institutes, industrial workers, persons with disabilities, and more.

  • Courses for school leavers

School leavers can participate in the courses designed for them. These courses impart essential trade skills and knowledge vital to get employment as semi-skilled or skilled laborers. In India, DGE & T has established various ITIs to train school dropouts. The training duration in these institutes varies and depends on the trade an individual is willing to learn about.

  • Centers of excellence

Centers of excellence are the institutes that impart in-demand skills to individuals. These institutes offer multi-skilling courses to learners and then move on to providing advanced or specialized courses. Moreover, they also build partnerships with industries to make the training process demand-driven.

  • Apprenticeship training for school dropouts

School leavers and ITI passed-out candidates can attend apprenticeship programs to get on-the-job training in their chosen field. They get real exposure during the program and understand the work they need to perform every day.

Participating in these courses or activities can help individuals deepen their understanding and get practical knowledge of the actual work scenario in their chosen domain. Moreover, it will fulfill the agenda of World Youth Skills Day.

How to improve technical skills?

Students or individuals willing to improve their technical skills can take help from the steps mentioned below.

  • Start experimenting

Learn from anything and everything and apply that knowledge to practice. Students willing to develop their technical skills must be open to experimentation. They should know when and where to apply their learnings and how to make the most out of it.

  • Build skill set

Individuals can get their hands on the things or activities they have not tried before. They can join a club or share their learnings with like-minded people. Moreover, they can learn by observing people around them. Building skill sets is vital to get technical expertise.

  • Develop strong analysis power

Focus on developing analytical and technical skills simultaneously. To develop technical skills, students can focus on the content they consume throughout the day. Moreover, they can try finding out solutions to the existing problems.

  • Dedicate time to reading around

One of the best ways to develop technical skills is to get relevant knowledge about different industries. Students can look for learning materials that provide relevant information and make them industry-ready.

Developing technical and vocational skills is vital for anyone who wants to upgrade themselves in the labor market. The World Youth Skills Day aims to help individuals in developing essential technical skills. This in turn will help them get exposure to more job opportunities.

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