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10 Common Interviews Questions for a Teacher

A teacher is always supposed to know it all. Everyone is under the impression that a teacher will never fall short of answers. Do you have any doubts? Well, go and ask your teacher and they  will always have an answer. This is something that is a generally accepted norm for a teacher.

Given below are a set of few questions to which a teacher should always know the answer to. So if you are a teacher or aspiring to be one, these questions will serve just the right purpose for you.

1. How would you handle a student who is constantly disruptive or defiant?

This question is usually to understand the approach and mindset of a teacher.

The correct way to answer:

Instead of trying to focus on how you would react to this situation, explain the ways you approach classroom management proactively so that such small misbehaviors rarely become chronic or severe. You can talk about the ways in which you can maintain student cooperation and courtesy.  

2. How can you cultivate a positive relationship with your students and develop a sense of class community? Recount a time you bonded with a student who needed some extra attention and understanding.

The purpose of this question is to know if the teacher is empathetic and goes the extra mile to help students who need special care and attention.

The correct way to answer:

You can show your concern for the emotional well-being of the most vulnerable students and describe in detail your plan for developing students’ social and emotional learning skills. Also, try to explain how you create a sense of empathy and inclusion among your students so classmates support each other on both personal and academic levels.

3. How can you keep your students engaged and motivated, and how do you promote student voice to help them become self-directed learners?

The purpose of this question is to understand what proactive measures the teacher is taking to ensure her students are self-sufficient.

The correct way to answer:

The correct way to answer this is to talk about engagement techniques that will build students' motivation and enthusiasm. You can also describe how you foster a student-centered classroom that inspires energy, creativity, passion, and purpose.

4. How do you teach 21st-century learners, integrate technology, and guide students to be better global citizens?
The purpose of this question is to understand how tech-updated a teacher is and how he/she encourages the students to do the same.

The correct way to answer:

The correct response to this will be where you can talk about how you teach global citizenship and encourage critical thinking, creativity, and good communication skills. You can also focus on integrated technology and its adaptability in teaching.

5. How do you include parents and guardians in their child’s education?

The purpose of this question is to understand the inclusivity process adopted by a teacher.

The correct way to answer:

The correct way to answer this is where you can Recount several ways you inform, engage with, and collaborate with peers and guardians via face-to-face meetings, notes, phone calls, or any digital channels.

6. What steps are you taking to maintain your professional development, and what areas would you select for your personal growth?

The purpose of this question is to know how a teacher is upgrading herself and what keeps them motivated.

The correct way to answer:
The correct response to this will be where you can talk about the books you read or any blogs, watch videos online, subscribe to journals, attend conferences and workshops, or be a member of an educators society in your field. Try to talk about the specific resources you use to keep up with the new trends in education, such as growth and benefit mindsets, flexible seating, flipped and blended learning, STEAM, trauma-informed teaching, restorative practices, mindfulness, and gamification of learning.

7. What’s your teaching style or philosophy?

The purpose of this question is to understand how a teacher would describe their presence in the Classroom?

The correct way to answer:

A good answer would be a community approach. Try to highlight the fact that you see teaching as more than just standing in front of a whiteboard shouting orders.

You’ll want to be honest about your specific style. But also consider what this school’s philosophy is like, and try customizing your response to encompass those same values.

8. Tell us about a time when someone gave you feedback and how you handled that?

The purpose of this question is to know if you have a growth mindset. Well, receiving and implementing feedback well is important to showcase that.

The correct way to answer:

Talk through how you received feedback and how it impacted you (in a positive way) how you made the change. You can also focus on the fact that the feedback improved your learning and growth. It positively affected your state of mind and helped you excel at what you are doing.

9. Tell me about a time when you influenced another person to your satisfaction.

The purpose of this question is to know how you can influence other people apart from your students.  

The correct way to answer:

The correct response to this will be talking about the steps you feel you should take to create a sense of partnership among teachers. You can talk about sharing ideas, being thoughtful and respectful towards others' opinions, and so on.

10. Tell us about a time when you accomplished something satisfying or overcame a difficult challenge.

The purpose of this question is to understand how well you overcome your obstacles.

The correct way to answer:

Here you can try and talk about a difficult situation at work and how you overcame it. You can tell how ultimately your efforts led to a successful outcome.
It is important to prepare yourself for the interview, polish your skills and stay calm. The most important thing to keep in mind is that, while subject knowledge and wisdom is necessary, the teaching strategies is what would make you a great teacher.

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