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5 Things to Consider Before Enrolling for Open University

A lot of people want to study after their formal education is done but find themselves at a loss when it comes to the qualifications to apply through a traditional university. This is where open universities come in.

What are Open Universities?

An open university is an institution that offers degrees with little to no entry requirements. These are usually pursued by students who have previously graduated their studies with low grades but want to pursue higher education. The goal of open universities is to allow students to improve their level of education, develop their skills, and train themselves for a new career. It is also arguably the best way to become eligible for a typical university degree afterward.

Things You Need to Think About Before Enrolling

Here are a few things you need to know about before enrolling in an open university:

Little to No Criteria for Enrollment

As mentioned earlier, open universities have very low criteria for enrollment. Even the term ‘open university’ refers to a university that has an open-door academic policy. One of the initial reasons behind the creation of an open university was to make education, especially higher education, accessible for all. For example, you might be accepted into an open university even without a certificate from secondary school.

Flexibility in Schedule

One of the biggest advantages of going to an open university are the flexibility and independence it provides to the learner. Since most of the studying will be independent, you can choose at what time of day or night you will be studying and create a schedule according to your personal preferences. You can be an early bird, a night owl, an afternoon nap person -  it really doesn't matter.

Saves Time and Money

An open university offers distance education, meaning that you don't have to travel to a physical location to attend classes and study. It not only just saves money but also the time required for travel and being stuck in traffic for excessive periods of time.

Extremely Cost-Effective

In addition to all these benefits, an open university is extremely cost-effective. They also offer a wide range of options when it comes to paying for your study. You can even apply for a loan or try to secure funding, but you also have the option of paying yourself and splitting the cost into monthly installments.

Open University vs Distance Education Programmes

Open and distance universities are quite different in the openness that they provide to candidates. They both offer online degrees, but the way they go about conducting themselves is quite different. Open universities 10th to allow any student irrespective of age and prior educational qualification. Some open universities can even help students who did not or could not complete the degree e to earn the credits from their academic degree and transfer them to the open university certificate, which helps them pick up where they left off. In contrast, distance learning universities do have entry requirements for enrollment, more or less like traditional universities. They guarantee that you will get a legitimate academic degree on the condition that you fulfill the requirements.

Therefore there should be a clear distinction made between distance degrees and open University degrees. Not all open universities focus solely on distance education, while traditional universities have started introducing distance education programs for people who live too far away. Apart from online universities and open universities, on-campus universities are also introducing distance learning students on campus as part of diversity and cultural inclusivity. If the information that you receive about the university does not seem clear,  contact the university staff directly and request more information.


Different people have different interests and preferences when it comes to academics, but if you feel like your strength lies in having a flexible schedule to follow while at the same time making your own notes and references, an open university would be a great fit for you.

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