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Memorization Techniques for Learners

Has this ever happened to you that you try to remember something crucial, but random thoughts cross your mind? This is a typical scenario in an examination hall. The brain is a tricky organ with immense potential. However, it depends on you how it works in your favor. If you face difficulties remembering accurate information at the right time, you can try training your mind. Various memorization techniques can help learners improve their retention power. These techniques are crucial during exam time.

How can you find your memorization style?

Every student is different and so are their thinking and retention abilities. Therefore, finding out your memorization style is vital to perform better in exams. Various memorization techniques can help you recall information during exams. To know your learning style and identify yourself as a verbal or visual learner, you can ask the following questions to yourself.

  • How does your mind function when you read the information yourself? Are you able to retain facts for an extended period?
  • Do you find it easy to memorize the lyrics of songs?
  • Does your mind recall information using mental images?
  • Can you use your imagination to create an influential scenario?

If you memorize well after reading the content yourself, you are a verbal learner. Likewise, if you recall information using mental images, you are a visual learner.

Let us discuss different verbal and visual memorization techniques for learners.

Verbal Memorization Techniques

The major verbal memorization techniques for learners are:

  • Mnemonics

Verbal learners can use mnemonics to memorize complex formulas on different subjects. Mnemonics are keywords, phrases, or rhymes used to improve retention power. For example, VIBGYOR is a mnemonic used to learn the colors of a rainbow. Likewise, you can develop your terminology to remember the topics you find difficult to learn otherwise.

  • Spaced out repetition

Many learners find it complex to repeat the same information to memorize a topic. This technique may not work for most learners. Instead, they can try spaced-out repetition to recollect crucial information. In a spaced-out repetition, you train your mind to retain details for a prolonged period through timely revisions. For example, if you have learned a new concept today, you can revise it after a day, week, or month.

  • Chunking

In this technique, learners group different items together to enhance their memory power. It makes the information easier to remember. However, do not assign more than seven items in a chunk at a time.

  • Singing or rhyming

If you are someone who can easily remember the lyrics of a song, then this technique will work best for you. You can make your rhymes or songs to remember a formula or text.

The above-mentioned tips are crucial for verbal learners and help them memorize topics for an extended period. In addition to these techniques, they can also create a way of their own.

Visual Memorization Techniques

The significant techniques to recall things, concepts, and terminologies using visual memorization are:

  • Mind maps

You can remember the sequence of events or chronology using mind maps. This technique is helpful for learners having a vivid imagination. You can use paper or pens of different shades to paint a picture. This technique paints a picture in your mind to bridge the gaps in the learning methods.

  • The Loci technique

You can build a memory palace inside your mind using the loci technique. This memorization technique is similar to mind maps and helps you retain information for prolonged periods. For example, you can make different rooms in your mind and store information in those spaces. Whenever you want to recall information, visualize the space in your mind to access the details.

  • Storytelling

A good story never gets out of your mind. Try storytelling to remember information that you find challenging to get back to. Turn the chapters of your book into a story and recall that story at regular intervals. You can develop a character-driven tale filled with vivid imagination and colors.

  • Flashcards

Writing things down on a piece of paper can help you recall them at the right time during exams. You can use different colored writing paper to make this method more effective. Break the information and write them down in different places to make the most out of this technique.

These memorization techniques will show positive effects on your mental power. However, do not forget to strengthen your mental muscles with exercise and a proper diet.

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