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ADHD and What Parents Can Do to Support

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a chronic condition in children that affects their ability to focus, pay attention, and take active participation in school events. Children with this neurodevelopmental disorder act on their impulses without caring about the consequences of their actions. Children with ADHD talk too much, make careless mistakes, have difficulty socializing, and forget or lose things. This neurodevelopmental disorder can be categorized into three parts as mentioned below.

Types of ADHD

  • Predominantly Inattentive Presentation

Children with this ADHD pattern face difficulties focusing their attention on a particular aspect. Moreover, they might not be able to give attention to details or follow a conversation. As a result, they cannot remember the details of everyday activities.

  • Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation

In this kind of ADHD, the child speaks a lot and is impulsive. Moreover, they cannot sit in a place for an extended period. If the child is too young, they might spend most of their time running, jumping, and climbing. Children with this ADHD pattern are more likely to remain restless and impulsive.

  • Combined Presentation

In the combined presentation, children show the symptoms of the above two types of ADHD. As the symptoms keep on changing, the presentation may change over time.

How can ADHD affect school students?

ADHD can impact the overall academic performance of school kids. It impacts the concentration levels of students and makes them forget the details of the course. Moreover, it can make a student fidgety, restless, talkative, and a class disruptor. Students with ADHD may not measure the cons of their actions. As a result, they might do something that may disrupt the entire classroom. Kids with ADHD might have learning disabilities that impact their overall academic and non-academic performance.

What can teachers do to help kids with ADHD?

In the majority of cases, kids with ADHD start their schooling long before this disorder is diagnosed. As a result, teachers are the ones who notice early signs of this disorder in kids. If they notice any such symptoms, they should inform the kid’s parents about the abnormality in the child's behavior. Some of the tips that teachers can follow to help kids with this disorder are:

Track child’s progress

Teachers can inform parents about their child’s performance in the school activities. With regular feedback from teachers, parents can work on the areas where their child needs improvement.

Focus on the child’s special needs

Every kid with ADHD behaves differently. Some need help controlling their impulsive behavior; others may require attention on their personality development. Likewise, some kids need help in making themselves more organized. Parents can ask teachers about the difficulties their children face in the classroom and what they can do to help their children.

Bring out the best in children

When teachers show confidence in students, the kids also learn to see the best in themselves. Teachers can ensure every child can learn and grow irrespective of ADHD.

Help in the success of children

Teachers can help students in the classroom by following the tips mentioned below:

  1. Making students sit at a place with fewer distractions
  2. Giving clear instructions
  3. Setting simple classroom rules
  4. Encouraging students to perform their best
  5. Praising small efforts
  6. Giving breaks to move around in the classroom

What can parents do to help kids with ADHD?

Parents can follow the tips mentioned below to reduce disruptive behavior in kids with ADHD.

Keep it interesting

Children with ADHD may not like doing a job that is not challenging for them. Therefore, parents should make the tasks interesting for their children. Many hobbies and activities require a high level of concentration from children. Parents can choose the tasks that keep their children engaged for a long time.

Encourage exercises

Kids with excess energy need to use that energy in the most useful way. Parents can encourage their children to burn off excess energy through exercise. Moreover, the correct form of exercise also keeps the child away from depression and anxiety.

Follow a sleep schedule

If children with ADHD do not take proper sleep, it may worsen their condition. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep may affect the symptoms of ADHD.

Introduce wait time

The idea behind introducing wait time is to help children reflect on their thoughts and actions. They should wait for a few seconds before speaking or doing any activity.

Refrain from using negative words

Constructive criticism helps children build their confidence. Therefore, parents should appreciate the little efforts of their children.

These tips will help parents control the overactive personality of their children. Moreover, children will also learn to take responsibility for their actions and words.

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