Blog Jog Contest- Winners

Blog Jog Contest- Winners

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

Considering the enthusiasm of the participants and the enormous response that Blog Jog received, the contest was a huge success. We got more than four hundred entries and it was overwhelming, to say the least.

You consume tons of content on a daily basis and Blog Jog, had given a chance to win something from the same. The contestants had to find out the answer for the Blog Jog Golden Question and comment their answers on our Instagram post.

Blog Jog Golden Question

Teachmint recently announced its partnership with a Dhaka-based organization. Name the organization!

Most of the contestants got it right. The answer is Shikho, a Bangladesh based ed-tech startup, to deliver classroom solutions to 42 million students in Bangladesh through Teachmintโ€™s live teaching technology.

We have selected five lucky winners from over four hundred entries, after making sure that these contestants have adhered by all the rules and regulations.

Read the rules and regulations of the contest here.

Blog Jog Winners

  1. Meeth. H A ย (Insta handle- meeth_ha)
  2. Ashish Rajak ย (Insta handle- ashish_rajak_9167)
  3. Shobha A ย (Insta handle- shobhakumbar)
  4. Sudhir Kumar Bana ย (Insta handle- sudhirkumarbana)
  5. Priyanka Chouhan ย (Insta handle- itz_arty_priyanka)

Congratulations to all the winners!! Our team will be getting in touch with you shortly. To the contestants who did not make it, please don't be disheartened, we acknowledge your efforts and thank you for all the love. We will be back with yet another contest to give you a chance to grab bigger prizes.

Stay tuned!