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Chasing Success: Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta

'My teaching journey started with one single student. I wanted to open my own coaching institute, a lack of funds held me back. But, all I knew was that I wanted to establish an institute with a positive learning environment for the students. Therefore, I worked hard day and night, and my hard work started showing results. With the amount I used to earn by giving tuitions, I managed to get my institute registered. Today, there are multiple batches running in that institute. I am thankful to all the people who have supported me throughout my journey, especially my students', says Raj Sir.

Dr. Raj Kumar Gupta is the Director and a senior Commerce Educator at the coaching institute established by him almost 10 years ago, the Ranker’s Academy, Gwalior. His journey from being a common man to becoming one of the top commerce educators in Gwalior was not easy at all. He faced many challenges, but his will to overcome them was exemplary. No one ever imagined that a common man from Gwalior would earn the four most respectable degrees in the world. Raj Sir holds four-degree, MA, M.Com, MBA, and a Ph.D. degree respectively. While talking about his experiences around books and classrooms, he shared an incident from his school days.

“For the time I remember, I have always been a fan of great books, new learnings, and teaching. Watching my teachers write on the board and read out lessons to us was the most exciting & interesting part of my day. Since I was a bright student, my classmates used to clarify their doubts from me; I proudly used to answer them by using the broken pieces of chalk my teachers used to leave. My friends jokingly used to say that I will become a wonderful teacher. Back then I didn't know that it was going to be my biggest reality.”

“When I received the Gold Educator Award, I was elated. It was not a mere trophy for me, but the reward for the hard work I have done in all these years”, mentioned Raj Sir. He shared that his students have witnessed his hard work and dedication in all these years, they have seen him having sleepless nights to give his best as a teacher. When I received the award, my students were happier than me, they were proud of me and said ‘you deserve the award Sir’, that was the biggest achievement for me. 'Appreciation acts as a motivating factor and the Gold Educator award has motivated me to do even better as a teacher', he added.

Raj Sir has been teaching for more than a decade and he calls online teaching one of the greatest revolution of all time. While talking about the advantages of online teaching, he mentioned that he would love to continue teaching online. He also considers the hybrid teaching model an innovative and smart approach to teach. He believes that online teaching opens amazing opportunities for the teachers, they can add students from all over the world and a lot more. As his message for all the new online teachers, he said-

Online teaching is an excellent opportunity for all teachers to keep growing. He believes that teachers should keep themselves updated with the latest technology to provide the best learning experience to their students. He also added that the teachers should adopt the hybrid teaching model to offer flexibility to the students.

We extend our good wishes to Raj Sir, he truly deserves the award. Congratulations Raj Sir and thank you for choosing us.

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