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Pomodoro Technique for Studying

The Pomodoro Technique for studying is one of the best techniques to fight procrastination and maintain focus and productivity throughout. The basic theory behind the Pomodoro technique is that any large task or any series of tasks can be divided into short timed intervals called Pomodoro’s. Each interval is separated by a short break. This way the Pomodoro technique for studying helps in concentration and also gives enough amount of breaks for relaxing. This takes advantage of the fact that our brains have limited attention spans.

So as to how to use or apply the Pomodoro technique for studying all you really need is a timer, it can be a timer on a clock or maybe just your phone. You can go old-fashioned or just use the web.

1.Choose a task or series of tasks
Choose the tasks that you need to accomplish throughout the day. Divide them into the most important ones or the ones on priority.

2. Set the timer to 25 minutes
Continue to work on the task until the timer goes off. Move away from all your distractions. Continue your work for those 25 minutes without a break. Do not let any slightest distraction in, as it can break the cycle of the Pomodoro technique for studying. During the Pomodoro technique for studying, limit all distractions, the whole point is 25 minutes of intense focus. Focus on the task on hand.

3. Avoid checking on the timer
Avoid constantly checking on the timer. This is not going to help you finish your task sooner, it is only going to keep you away from your goal. It is recommended to put your phone on silent or do not disturb or airplane mode.

4. When the timer goes off take your break
After working constantly for 25 mins, because you are well deserved for it. Take that break, relax and sit back. Get up during this time. Do not take a break at the same spot where you were working. You could also stretch your muscles and relax by getting yourself a nice cup of tea or anything you like. Do not sit in that same position, rather move around.

5. After a few cycles take a longer break
After 3-4 Pomodoro cycles take a longer break for 20 minutes or half an hour. After the long break, you can again get back to the cycle. You can also reply to calls or messages you had not been attending during those 25 minutes of focus.

6. Make small commitments
Make small commitments for the start. Just make yourself do one cycle of the Pomodoro technique for studying initially. By making this small commitment, it's easier to get started with and once you finish that cycle, it’ll be easier to keep moving forward with your work.

Remember that Pomodoro is a productivity technique to serve you, therefore do not feel obligated to always take a break if you’re too engrossed in your chapters. For longer days where you’ll be studying for most of the day such as the day before your final exams, it is recommended to take breaks to sustain your energy. Plus, focusing on your digital well-being is extremely essential in the era of online learning. Taking breaks away from the screen is going to help you prevent burnout. Sometimes, it’s best to just keep chugging along once you’ve built momentum. Also, you could make modifications to your own style of the Pomodoro technique for studying, you could alter the timing intervals accordingly. Figure out what’s best for you. You can change it up however you please.

Hope these tips help you in your productivity routines. Stay tuned to read more such blogs.

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