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5 Online Classroom Games to Increase Student Engagement

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

It is just human tendency to switch off when something is not working, be it mobile phones, laptops, or sometimes, even ourselves! Teachers should try the same when the classes get monotonous or drab. No, you don’t have to switch off your phones, just let the students switch themselves off from studies and introduce them to some fun online classroom games.

These classroom games are sure to help increase student engagement and will make online classrooms more interactive & interesting. These classroom games will act as the necessary switch off that teachers and students long for.

Now that classes have moved online, teachers must find an online alternative for the usual classroom games. Here are some amazing virtual games that will get your students

Five Amazing Online Classroom Games

As mentioned, online classroom games help students become more attentive and it also helps to break the monotony in the classroom. In addition to this, it helps teachers to establish a rapport with the students. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing online classroom games.

1.Subject Specific Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt is a widely popular game and when it comes to an online classroom setup, teachers can put their own spin on it. In the subject-specific scavenger hunt, the teachers can ask their students to find something that is related to the subject. It can even be an activity or experiment. For instance, if you are teaching English, you can ask your students to grab a book and cite an example of a simile or symbolism in that book. You can make it as hard or as simple as you like. This will not only make the students learn the concept but will also add a little fun factor to the teaching-learning process.

2.Online Pictionary

This is a great online classroom game to build a stronger classroom community. Before the class begins, text students or inform them in prior what you want them to portray. The students can then switch on their video camera and draw what they want to convey. To make this subject-specific, teachers can ask students to convey something from the lessons that they are being taught. For example, if you are teaching Science, you can ask your students to draw the cross-section of a flower, and this way it is beneficial for all the students in the classroom.

3.Find the Killer

This is another fun game that you can try in your online classroom. Of course, you can add your own spin to it. This is something that would really get your students into the textbook. To play this, you have to choose a killer in prior and give them a false statement about the lesson that you just finished teaching. Ask all the students to choose one random statement/formula from the lesson. The killer would be saying the wrong statement and at the end of the session, i.e., after everyone finishes reading their statements and you should let the students find out who the killer is. This is just a covert way of quizzing your students and a fun one at that.

4.Word Builder

This is popular as a travel game and you can most certainly use this one to travel from boredom to a fun city! The game is very simple, the teacher can start the game with one word that’s related to the subject that you teach. For instance, if you are teaching Mathematics, you can start with Algebra, since the word ends with A, the next person has to say a concept starting with A like Arithmetic equations and so on. If you don’t want to make this difficult, you can just inform the students what the theme is in prior.

5.Talent Show

This one is on a lighter note. Since the classes have moved online, students don’t exactly get a platform to showcase their talent and capabilities. A talent show will get the students’ spirits up and will get them all pumped up. This is a great online classroom activity to make the classes more interactive and fun. The students will also feel like they got a break.


Online classroom games, as discussed, help students understand the lessons better and make the classes more interesting. Teachers have to adopt new strategies and methods to cater to the different types of students in the classroom. Especially since classes are now online, it is pivotal to make things fun and interactive. If not games, find ways to incorporate other activities so that your students feel a sense of belonging. We will be back with yet another informative blog to help you make online teaching more effective and enjoyable. Until then, stay tuned and happy teaching!

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