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Finding the Right Balance: Priyanka

For me, success is a journey and not a destination. I like to celebrate the small wins that make me who I am. People believe that only students lookup for motivation and appreciation, but that’s not true. We all deserve to be appreciated at every stage of our lives for putting in all the hard work and effort. Being recognized and rewarded as a Gold Educator gives me immense satisfaction and encouragement. My trophy and certificate are a constant reminder for me to keep going and never give up. The Teachmint Teacher Recognition Program is a source of motivation for many teachers like me’, says Priyanka Ma’am.

Priyanka Ma’am, a Computer Engineering graduate and a former IT Manager, is a highly skilled and versatile teacher. It would not be wrong to say that she is a ‘Superwoman’, for she manages everything so well. Along with being a Mathematics, English, and Science teacher, she is also a mother of two beautiful daughters. She strongly believes in taking good care of her family without compromising on the learning of her students. She mentioned that managing family and work seemed a little difficult for her at the start, but once she got a hold of it, things started to ease down. “Due to personal commitments it was difficult for me to be associated with any institution, but my will to stay independent was too high to give up. I decided to teach as a private educator and share my knowledge further. My family as well as my career, both were and will forever be my priority. I try to figure out ways to manage everything smoothly, my family is extremely supportive as well”, she added.

Priyanka Ma’am teaches the students of class 2nd to 8th and wishes to extend it till class 10th. While sharing the moment of pride with our team she says, "my family, as well as students, were elated to see my Gold Educator trophy, I could see it in their eyes. Earlier, it was me who used to congratulate the students on their success and achievements, but receiving good wishes from all my students was a different feeling. One word to express the feeling would be -Satisfied. I was extremely satisfied when the trophy arrived home, it felt like a reward for all my genuine efforts, hard work, and dedication. I can not express in words what this recognition means to me, I feel so honored and confident."

Her happiness and excitement are clearly visible through her words, in addition to the existing achievements, she is ready for new challenges and adventures. In order to ensure her children’s safety and provide learning flexibility to all her students, she would like to continue teaching online. Her success story would be incomplete without sharing her secret to enhance online learning for the students. While sharing her mantra, she said, ‘online learning is new for the students and it might get difficult to understand a few concepts at times. However, it is the responsibility of the teachers to ensure the best learning for them. I remember, my students were facing difficulty in understanding the practical questions of geometry because I couldn’t draw a structure for them. The very next day, I bought a tripod home, it helped me in making the concept easy for them. The point here is, that sometimes, the teachers might have to walk a few extra miles to make sure that their students are not having any tough time in keeping up with their studies.’ She also added that the new online educators who have just started their online teaching journey should also keep these things in mind from the very beginning.
We wish her all the best for her future, thank you for sharing your journey with us Priyanka Ma’am.

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