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5 Tips to Concentrate on Studies

How many times do you look at your phone while doing an important task? If your answer is zero, congratulations, your level of concentration is high. More often than not, individuals tend to lose interest, lose focus and get deviated from the task that they are doing. It is human to get distracted. If you were to count the number of times you get finicky and stop doing what you are supposed to do, would that number please you? Do you find it difficult to finish the task at hand? Especially during exams, students find it hard to concentrate on their studies. Everything else becomes all the more interesting during exams! So, how to concentrate on studies? Here are a few tips that will help students concentrate on studying.

5 Tips to concentrate on studies

Before we move on to discuss some tips on how to concentrate on studies, let us take a closer look at what concentration is. Concentration is when a person directs all their attention to one specific activity or subject. The attention span differs from individual to individual. Students can work on their attention span and increase their concentration by following these simple and effective tips.

1.Set Small, Achievable Goals

The first step is to create a schedule or a plan. Set small attainable goals and once you hit the daily goal, tick it off of your list. This simple activity is super effective and efficient. Daily goals help you motivate yourself and push you to do better. For example, if you have five lessons for the exam, your daily goal can be to finish ten pages. Concentrating on smaller goals would help ease the stress and anxiety. Worrying causes people to lose focus. More often than not, students lose their focus because they are scared of how much they have to finish, and this leads to a lack of focus! The idea is to stay calm and climb small steps.

2.Use Flashcards

Make the study materials and notes attractive by using colorful cards and stick its. Flashcards are a great way to memorize things and learn more effectively. Write the important topics and the subtopics on a flashcard and read through it whenever you get the time. This way, you don’t have to go through the whole textbook and be overwhelmed. It is important to understand that reading is not studying. While studying you must understand the concepts and be able to recreate the ideas during an exam or a test. Creating flashcards will help you cement the ideas and concepts better.

3.Brain Activities

As mentioned before, the attention span varies from individual to individual. However, one can work on their attention span by training their brain. Certain games have proven to help improve concentration and focus. Chess, brain puzzles, and likewise have been shown to improve brain activity. Listening to music has also proven to be a way to calm the mind and improve concentration. Choose what works for you and act accordingly. For some people, scribbling and doodling calm their mind for certain others, physical activity helps. Understand what your forte is and game on!


One of the things that are overlooked while talking about how to concentrate on studies is the importance of hydration. Studies show that even the slightest amount of dehydration can cause people to lose concentration and deviate from what they are trying to focus on. When you are studying, make sure to have a bottle of water near you, and filling the water bottle once it is over can be your short break from all the studying.

5.Stay Away From Distractions

Mobile phones, video games, social media, there are a gazillion things that can distract you. While you are studying, make sure to switch off notifications from things that you know would distract you. Say Instagram and WhatsApp for instance. Switching off the internet altogether wouldn’t work since learning is now online.

These tips on how to concentrate on studies are sure to help you stay focused. The important point is to understand yourself. Understand what distracts you and what helps you stay focused. Tap on those parameters and work. More often than not the fear that students won’t be able to finish studying on time is the biggest distracting factor and one should start studying with a fresh and calm mind. Yoga, music, brain activities, and the like would help to achieve the same. You can also try different learning strategies to check which one works the best for you.

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