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How to Teach Social Skills

Kids are like blank slates; whatever the authorities of their life write on it they will follow it innocently. Hence, this should be taken into concern by parents and mentors that whatever is written on these blank slates or minds of the kids should benefit them in their future. Today the world is running so fast due to technology everything is changing very fast. The same thing happened with education. Along with time, the education sector also saw evolution and changed a lot. Education is now delivered to the students by several new methods and nowadays even small kids are getting their lessons online which they get on their tablets and their parent's android phones. There are several education apps to assist the kids among which they can choose any teaching app according to their convenience. These days any teaching app can provide an ample amount of knowledge to any age of students, even to small kids. Small kids learn so much online such as motivational quotes for students. Such motivational quotes for students teach them social manners and skills also at a very tender age. Small kids' can never be kept under control because they shout, they scream, they throw food and listen to absolutely nobody, sometimes they do such things which embarrasses their parents in society very badly. So, the only solution to this situation is to teach kids social skills at a very tender age so that they can grow as very civilized and gentlemen having good manners and skills.

Ways to Teach Kids Social Skills:

1-Either parents or guardians both are role models to the kids. In fact, all the kids imitate their elders and assume whatever their elders do should be imitated by them and that is right only. So, parents or mentors if wants the kids to follow their instructions regarding manners and social skills then instead of ordering them, they should show them how to perform such social skills such as to take anything to eat in anybody else's home one should seek permission, this they should do in front of them to make them learn practically. Apart from this if they make a mistake in front of them then let them learn that even elders make mistakes and then apologize in front of them to teach them it is good to be lenient.

2- Teaching social skills to the kids is not an easy process, it takes a very long time to teach kids such good things. Parents need to remind their kids of such social etiquette on a regular basis, such as to behave with everyone with respect and politeness. Parents can be seen usually asking children often regarding behavior whether they did this/that or not whereas parents should show this manner by doing in front of children. For example, a father should say "thank you mummy" when she gives him something, in this way the child will also say the same dialogue to his mother, and in this imitating way children will learn manners.

3- A very important thing that comes under the responsibility of the parents is why they should never miss the chance to praise and appreciate their child's good behavior. When the child is polite and full of manners then parents should reward and praise the child which will encourage such good attributes in kids.

4- Parents need to understand that few teachings are age-based so parents need to differentiate their teachings among their different aged children. For example, small kids will be taught when to say sorry and thank you whereas a teenage boy or girl will be taught how to behave when they meet someone, both the teachings have different age groups.

5- There are unlimited good things that can be taught to a kid and if a parent is up to then he or she will be confused about what to teach and what not to? So, they should prioritize some very important things to be taught according to their age which they need to learn first like children should not tell a lie, they should never harm their peers, they should show kindness to others.

Kids are very innocent so instead of being robust to them, parents should focus on teaching them politely so that they can remember such good manners and etiquette their whole life.

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