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Importance of School in Child Development

School is the founding block of a person’s life. It is the freshly plowed field where seeds of the future get planted. Schools are not only for bookish knowledge. They provide a comprehensive environment for developing social, communication, physical, and curriculum skills. We build our first friend, first mentor (teacher), and tons of memories for a lifetime.

Importance of School in Child Development

Brain Development

Good schooling is vital because about 90 percent of brain development happens even before your kid is promoted from kindergarten to school.

A child's brain is about a quarter the size of the adult person's brain at birth. The brain doubles during the first year itself and grows up to 80 percent by the age of three. Your child's brain becomes almost fully grown at the age of five.

The data underlines why you need the best school for your children. It also needs to mention here that school begins at home. Parents are the first teacher, and you should involve yourself in talking, playing, doing homework, etc. Do not make your kid feel alienated or aloof.

The values that children evolve during school life affect the rest of their lives. In other words, the brain commands our body for movement, communication, language, behavior, etc., so it is our responsibility to provide the relevant information in those curious minds.

Schools motivate to develop connections for a capable, successful, and healthy adult life. Proper brain evolution helps with decision-making, problem-solving, encouragement, and other crucial skills for later stages of life.

Schools also run programs like mid-brain activation, Vedic learning, etc., for advanced memory retention and concentration abilities.

Now we will explain touchpoints of a child’s growth where school plays a significant role.

Social Impact

As we have said, the brain is the commanding authority. It controls everything we do, think, and understand. It affects every aspect of a child’s growth at school.

One of them is the social aspect.

Social impact begins with first friendship, sharing lunch in the group, playing together to gossiping on the classroom bench/seat. These are the first communication that your child does to the outer world.

We come out of our protected parental home to the real world, where teachers are our guiding force, and friends are winds beneath the wings.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are a vital part of the social impact at schools for child development

Schools organize debate competitions, poetry, extempore, and group activities. Students discuss a range of things with classmates. They speak on topics without preparation during extempore, read news headlines during morning prayers, and many more. All of these activities improve communication skills.

Communication at school helps in boosting confidence, public speaking, problem-solving, and many more valuable skills for career & life.

We must mention here the role of technology for covering remote areas and during study-at-home from almost two years of Corona pandemic. Digital platforms have solved the communication problem of lakhs of students in hill areas of the Himalayan States of India. They can access the classroom from anywhere on their digital devices.

Physical Impact

Physical aspects comprise Yoga and Asanas classes, outdoor sports, NCC, Scouts & Guides, camping, etc.

These activities develop a disciplined lifestyle, healthy living, and a fit physique.
Yoga and Asanas

Most schools keep a mandatory class for Yoga and Asanas. We all have done that, haven't we?.

As you can see, Yoga is everywhere on TV, Online, and in public conversations. Yoga is about meditation, and Asanas are for balance & healthy living.

Do we need to explain the importance of meditation and healthy living?

Guess not!!!

Outdoor Sports

Sports does not mean ‘screen zombies.’ Let your child play on the field. They will bond, fight, get injured, and win/lose. These things teach vital lessons like team-building, sharing loss or win together, understanding the importance of planning, etc.

NCC & Guides

NCC and Guides do not only help with getting a certificate and applying for a job. It helps in child development holistically. They become physically fit, disciplined, self-reliant, cooperative, and skilled to understand & resolve problems.

Foundation Block for Knowledge

School is where kids learn first letters and numbers to write speeches on contemporary events. Students learn about national and international affairs. Teachers help in encouraging curiosity to explore facts of Science and Maths.

Civics teaches the importance of rights and society. History and Culture introduce with ancestors, their work, artistry, etc. Geography motivates us to explore things below the earth, above the earth, beyond the sky.

Every subject helps in child development in its unique way.  In addition, interest in a particular subject might decide the future of the child.

They might pursue their favorite subject for advanced studies later on.

Role of Teachers to Ensure all the above

Schools are great to impart overall child development, and we have explained various aspects about it.

But, Who will ensure the proper nurturing at school?

Here come teachers and faculties. They are the ones who regulate school education. They are a significant influence on child psychology, understanding, and growth.

The importance of tutors is noteworthy during ongoing study at home. They are doing a commendable job with virtual classes, especially KG and Nursery school kids.

Teachers must impart the relevant education (not only curriculum) through the correct medium with an inclusive approach. There should be a proportionate use of digital platforms and human interference to provide the best school education. Teachers are like our farmers who toil hard to make seeds into plants or trees with all love and care.

We hope this article will solve your queries about the significance of school for child development. If we want to make a kind, progressive, and happy society, we need to invest our time in children at school and home. Parents and teachers are torchbearers for students, who will make the 'society of tomorrow.'  

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