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Interesting GK Questions and Answers

"Learning is creation, not consumption. Knowledge is not something a learner absorbs but something that the learner creates."

It is said that when a teacher ignites a love for learning, they have succeeded in doing their job.

Education aims at the holistic development of a child, and it is not just about subject knowledge or syllabus. There is more to education than we think. General knowledge is something that helps a student grow and develop. It goes without saying that a student’s previous knowledge affects the way they learn and grow. General knowledge, thus, becomes an important part of a student’s life. Teachers can include interesting GK questions and answers in the classroom to capture the attention of students. Interesting GK questions can also be used to make the classes more interesting and interactive. There’s no doubt that these GK questions will prove beneficial in the long run. Without further delay, let’s take a look at some interesting GK questions and answers.

Interesting GK Questions and Answers

GK questions help improve a child’s inquisitiveness and curiosity. It nurtures the learner in them. That is one of the main reasons why you should introduce interesting GK facts to your children and students.

1. What’s the Color of the Mirror?

The color of the mirror is green! It is quite hard to believe that the color of the mirror is not grey or white. Interestingly, the color is green! Here is the reason behind the same; Ideally speaking, the color of the mirror is the same color as that of the object reflected. This is the case of a perfect mirror. However, the mirrors that we use reflect green light, and hence, the objects reflected have a green tinge to them.

2. Which is the tallest monument in India?

There is a common misconception that Qutab Minar is the tallest monument in India. However, this is wrong and the tallest monument in India is the Taj Mahal. It is 173 m tall whereas the Qutab Minar is 172.8 m tall. If we are talking about the tallest tower, one may say that it is Qutab Minar since technically, the Taj Mahal is not a tower.

3. Name one of the fastest insects on earth

Dragonflies are one of the fastest insects on earth. They are capable of flying 50 to 60 mph. The seemingly small dragonflies are the fastest insects! Can you even believe that? Nature is truly phenomenal! It is unbelievable and incredible that dragonflies can travel more than fifty miles an hour!

4. What do you call a group of crows/ravens?

A group of crows is called Murder! How interesting is that?! There are many explanations for the same. An interesting one is that crows and ravens were seen as bad omens. Since these birds are scavengers, it was considered that the appearance of them in groups, indicated death. Hence, the name murder. This is based on folktales and superstitions. A lot of terms and words were coined on the basis of popular folktales and beliefs.

5. Which is the longest muscle in the human body?

The longest muscle in your body is the sartorius, a long thin muscle that runs down the length of the upper thigh. This muscle is responsible for functions like knee flexion, hip flexion, and adduction. Adduction is nothing but the movement of the limb toward the midline of the human body. The intricacies of the human body may seem a little overwhelming. Introducing your students to such interesting GK questions and answers is sure to fire their curiosity.

6. Which country does not have any mosquitoes?

Iceland is the only country without any mosquitoes. It is the only country without any snakes or reptiles either. The reason is Iceland's climate changes. The climate in Iceland changes so rapidly that mosquitoes do not have sufficient time to complete their lifecycle. Ice forms over the ponds and the pupa does not get a chance to mature. We are aware of the numerous diseases that are caused by these blood-sucking insects and it is great to know that there is one safe space on earth. Antarctica also does not have any mosquitoes due to its climatic conditions.

7. Which is the only animal that can’t jump?

The elephant is the only animal that cannot jump. The bones in their legs are all pointed downwards and since there is not enough spring, they cannot jump. The animals that do jump like kangaroos, monkeys, etc, do so to escape from their predators and since elephants move in large protective groups, this is not required. Their mass is also a reason. Discussing similar unique gk questions is sure to get your students interested.

8. Where is the world’s only floating post office situated?

The one-of-a-kind, floating post office is situated in India’s Srinagar. It is set in a huge houseboat against the snow-clad mountains on the beautiful Dal Lake in Srinagar, India's first and only floating post office. Sharing such information with the students will make them interested and it also helps to boost their confidence.

9. What Is the Resolution of the Human Eye?

The resolution of the human eye is 576 megapixels. To make it simple, let us draw a comparison between the human eye and that of an iPhone’s camera. The celebrated iPhone 14’s camera is just 48 megapixels. The only difference here is that the human eye does not exactly see in pixels, and thus, the comparison might be a little off. Now you know why the moon does not look great when you take a picture on your phone!

10. Ornithology is the scientific study of?

Ornithology is the study of birds. Teachers can introduce this topic and then move on to talk about the birdman of India, Salim Ali, and then include the concepts that they want to teach. Teachers must incorporate innovative methods and strategies to keep the classroom active.

In an online environment, it is necessary to keep the students engaged. To do this, teachers can conduct flash quizzes and activities. Ensure not to intimidate students. Casually introduce interesting GK topics and capture the interest of your students. As mentioned, GK questions and answers can help improve the inquisitiveness of students and this, in turn, will make them learn and concentrate better.

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