The 4 Best Teaching Methods to Improve Learning

Top 4 Methods of Teaching

  • Anagha Vallikat
    Anagha Vallikat

A classroom is essentially a community including children from various walks of life. Some of them might be good at grasping things, some of them might be artists, some might be active, some introverts, so on and so forth. The point is, each kid is unique and each kid is different. There’s no standard framework that caters to all students alike.    There are various types of teaching methods, but not all will fit our modern education system.

Here are the top 4 modern teaching methods that are used in various schools and educational institutions across the globe to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom.

1.Personalized Learning

Personalized learning as the name suggests is a personalized approach to each student. Each student is carefully analyzed and their learning patterns are understood. Based on interactions, discussions and research, lesson plans are created for each kid. It is like creating a tailor-made outfit. Each student gets an individual journey and individual approach. As it is rightly said, if you judge a fish by its ability to fly, it will live its life thinking that it is stupid. Personalized learning may seem practically impossible but it is being practiced in a lot of schools, with a lesser number of students in the class.

2.Game Based Learning

Game-based learning has become a popular method of teaching and it has proven to be effective. It is a method wherein the concepts are taken across through a series of games and activities. It is a fun and positive experience for the students and the lessons are conveyed in a better way. This is used for soft skills education as well. It is an excellent way to increase student engagement and interest. A learning context is added to the games and students add depth and understanding to simple games.

For instance, models of communication can be taught by a simple communication barrier game where there are two students playing. One of them has headphones on with loud music and the other tries to say something. The one talking is the speaker and the person on the other end is the receiver. The headphones and music is the barrier to the communication process. Similarly, different games can be devised based on the concepts that the teacher needs to convey.

3.Project Based Learning

This is a method of teaching/ learning where the students learn by working on projects. This helps the students to do extensive research in concepts and inturn helps them widen their knowledge base. This is an effective way of learning and the retention rate will also be high since the student is involved in it firsthand. From the small VIBGYOR fan projects in lower classes to the mechanical fan project in higher classes, projects help kids learn better and it gets them more involved in the process.

4.Context-Based Learning

This is a really interesting method where the teachers draw examples from real life or create fictitious scenarios so that the students can connect with the concepts better. In simple words, contexts are presented to the students and based on the real-life contexts, the concepts are presented so that kids can relate to it better.

These methods of teaching/ learning have been devised to get the best possible outcomes. There are a lot more methods that are invented and the above-mentioned list goes on. The most important thing is for teachers to understand their students and to take an appropriate approach. We have discussed the qualities of a good teacher previously and we have stated the importance of patience and adaptability. As a teacher, it is important to comprehend the pulse of your students and be there for them through the learning process.