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Moral Education- Need of the Hour

Remember how our teachers, parents, or grandparents used to tell us the story of the village boy who fooled the villagers by saying wolf! wolf! when their sheep were grazing at the grass. He succeeded to fool the villagers twice, however, the third time when the wolf seriously attacked the village, none of the villagers took his screams seriously. Moral of the story- No one believes the liars and a person should always be honest. That was our first lesson of honesty, and this story still continues to teach many young minds the same lesson. I still remember this story for I was very young when my school narrated the same in the moral education class. My learning capacity as a child was great, and that is the reason my parents & teachers wanted me to learn good virtues while I was young.

From childhood, we have grown up hearing many such stories that taught us the values & virtues to live a good life. Moral values help the students in differentiating between right and wrong. They not only add to their growth & development but also shape their personality. Since students spend a majority of their time with their teachers, it becomes the responsibility of the teachers to give them moral education along with academic lessons. Here are some values that the teachers should surely pass on to their students in the moral education class.

3 Important Moral Values for Students

1- Respect- More than anything, the teachers should surely teach their students the value of respecting each and every individual irrespective of their age, gender, religion, or any other factor. Giving respect to elders, friends, teachers, classmates, etc. should be taught to the students from the beginning itself. Both teachers, as well as parents, should practice the same as well. Children learn what they see, hence, it is crucial for the elders to ensure a good learning environment for the kids.

2- Honesty- "Honesty is the best policy", we might have heard this quote a gazillion times in our life. Being honest is not good but also important. Honest people are valued where ever they go. It is important that honesty is instilled in the children right from the beginning. Parents, as well as teachers, should correct children if they tell lies, no matter how big or small the lies are. Encouraging honesty will surely give fruitful results to the children in the longer run.

3- Kindness- Kindness remains the first virtue in the book of moral education. As Harold S. Kushner quotes- “do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are”, teachers should teach their students to be kind to everyone they meet or know. A small act of kindness can make their day better. Being kind helps in spreading positivity and hope all around. Teachers can provide exposure to famous stories and short films on kindness to spread the message. Following this will also make the moral education classes more engaging and interesting.

It is the foundation of a building that helps it in standing strong. Similarly, the lessons learned at a young age are what help individuals in living a happy and pleasant life forever. Teachers should put an effort to instill good qualities and virtues in the students in a way that they remember for a lifetime. After all, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Thank you and Happy Teaching!

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