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Online Classes- 5 Tips for Educational Institutions

Online classes are the new normal and is becoming the primary mode of imparting education.  Online education is opening new doors for learners and giving them access to top-notch learning experiences. But, at the same time, the primary challenge of online learning is keeping the students engaged.

In addition to choosing the right platform to teach online, there are other things that the institution must take into consideration. A proper research of the ecosystem is one of the first things that the institution must take care of.

Here are some strategies and tips that can help both educational institutes and students alike.

Clarify Expectations

It's always better to have a clear conversation. Clarity makes a big difference. Likewise, there should be a clear understanding of statements between school authorities, staff, parents, and students. Online learning platforms provide students with additional tabs to ask doubts to clarify what teachers are saying. So! It is vital to establish a clear conversation in an online class.  

The administration could make a list that talks about the processes that the institution would be following. Include information about:

  1. Where students can find the daily assignments
  2. List of things required expected from the students.
  3. Log-in procedure.
  4. Back-up plan if technology does not work properly
  5. Step by Step procedure on how to access the platform easily and how to use learning tools.

Plan Well

Educational institutes must take their time to plan the classes and schedules. Even if everything is going well and good, the administration should construct their plan in such a way that it accommodates mishaps and unfortunate glitches.

A constructive plan will last longer in the race. Even if there is less time left, the , administration does not have to panic. The management of the institution and the staff can sit down together and come up with a plan that fits in all the concerns and suggestions.

Follow A Routine

The administration should implement a daily schedule that is convenient for both teachers and students. Some schools take online classes on alternate days or conduct classes in two phases- morning and afternoon. The idea is to come up with a schedule that best fits your educational institution and the people concerned. It is important to understand that

Holistic Learning

Different types of learning methods should be used in the online classrooms to make the concepts attractive. Online learning does not mean you assign things to the students and leave it to the them. Instead, it should be engaging, clear, and crisp.

(Read about the three major types of teaching here)

Bonus tips to make lessons engaging

  • Divide the topics into smaller portions
  • Communicate with your students
  • Give them prompt feedback
  • Include videos, visuals and activities in the online class.


The world has changed in many ways. The terrain of education has evolved over the years and it is important to adapt to these changes. Educational institutions must pay attention to the needs and requirements of their students and teachers.

Online classes can be made effective only when the students are placed at the center of the learning experience. Teachers and the management must listen to them and cater to their needs accordingly. Since online classes are significantly different from the traditional classes, it is pivotal to make space for new strategies and techniques. While switching to an online platform, make sure to understand the platform thoroughly and choose one that best fits your requirements. This is often overlooked.

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