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Online classes v/s offline classes- A detailed study

Online learning is one of the top trends making noise in this digital age. It is growing tremendously and does not show any sign of settling down anytime soon. Why are online classes more beneficial than offline ones?

The traditional four-walled classrooms set-up swiftly transformed into virtual classrooms with the advent of COVID-19. Around 90% of the countries switched to online learning mode. That’s not all. Even 60% of pre-primary schools adopted this medium to continue teaching for their toddler students.

Although the change was uncalled for, it brought many benefits along with it. The online learning concept is proving to be more effective, safer, and productive for the students. Interestingly, both the students and their parents do not mind continuing with online classes in the future.

So, what is making online classrooms so popular lately? Let us identify the advantages that online classes have over offline ones.  

Learn from Anywhere

Do you know that over 1.2 billion students were pushed outside classrooms during the pandemic times? Online learning was the only option left with such students. The best part about online classes is that the students can attend them from any location in the world.

This concept enhances the comfort and productivity of the students. Students need not rush to offline classes and learn in a group of 30 to 40 students. A laptop or tablet and a high-speed internet connection are all they need to attend the online classes.

Better Student-Teacher Interaction

One-on-one student-teacher interaction can lay a positive impact on the performance of the students. Unfortunately, students do not get this opportunity in offline classes. Classes are held for a fixed time, and teachers cannot spare enough time to solve all the students’ queries.

On the contrary, online classes allow the students to talk individually to their teachers. They can discuss all their queries and concerns with the teachers fearlessly. This system will imbibe problem-solving and critical thinking skills in the students.

Great Convenience and Flexibility

Do you know that over 60% of the students are learning one thing or another online? Why? Because it offers a significant amount of flexibility and convenience to them. You see, during offline classes, students only get to clear their doubts when they are with their teachers.

However, in online classes, they can rewind the chapter and recall the lost content at a single click. There is no time limit, and students can rewind the content as many times as they want. That’s not all. Online classes also allow the students to choose time for every learning activity.

Affordable Learning Option

You would be surprised to know that the e-learning industry has grown over 900% since the day of its inception. Online learning is a boon for parents who are looking out for affordable education options.

The fees charged here are nominal, and the learning experience is brilliant. Moreover, parents are free from the burden of tuition fees and other overhead costs that are unavoidable in offline classes.

It is Safe

One of the most evident reasons for preferring online classes over offline ones is safety. Coronavirus is a highly transmissible virus. And younger students are more vulnerable to it as there is no official vaccine to protect them from this deadly virus. Online classes ensure students are safe in their homes.

They need not step out of their home to attend classes physically. This transformation was also crucial to break the virus transmission chain. Although offline classes promise to adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines, one cannot be 100% sure about the safety of the students.

No More Traffic Jams

On a lighter note, this is going to be a huge respite for the parents. You see, going for offline classes and tuition demands a lot of time and energy. Endless traffic jams, pollution, and other travelling hassles make the students tired even before stepping into the classroom.

Online classes, on the other hand, are easy and hassle-free. They can attend classes with a fresh and stress-free mind. All they have to take care of is get ready on time and join the class.

More time to Reciprocate

Online classrooms allow the students to adapt and reciprocate in a better manner. They get enough time to grasp the concept and understand the logic. Furthermore, one-on-one sessions with the teachers also help in refining their skills.

On the contrary, offline classes are rigid when it comes to reciprocation. There is a time limit for everything. Although, it is essential to imbibe discipline in the students. But, students, at times, feel left out when they are unable to express their doubts.

Better Access to Expertise

A huge benefit of online learning is that students gain greater access to expertise. They get an option to select the teacher they would like to learn from. Parents can also help the students identify the best mentor who can go beyond imparting textbook knowledge.

Knowing about successes, ideas, and failures right from the best in the industry can significantly impact students’ career aspirations.

Unique Learning Environment

The concept of online classes impresses people around the globe as it offers a unique learning environment to the students. Students get to learn at their pace. A certain degree of anonymity is boosting the confidence of shy students. They are steadily catching up with the rest of the students by silently working harder.

They can think longer about their responses, answer when they are comfortable, and no one will judge them for it. Last but most important, the teacher won’t move ahead with the content until every student in the class gets it.

83% of the countries are using online platforms for continuing online learning. Experts also predict that the revenue of the online learning market will reach the $325 billion mark by 2025. Although, there is nothing wrong with the traditional learning methodologies. But, it is time students move on and leverage the powers of improved digital connectivity and advanced technologies.

Online education comes in several sizes and shapes. It rolls out endless opportunities for the students to sharpen their skills and learn new ones. It is high time parents think beyond location-specific learning. We should encourage our children to give up rigid learning processes and adopt a flexible learning approach to face real-life challenges head-on.

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