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Online Teaching Jobs: Everything You Need to Know in 2021

2020 went by in the blink of an eye to say the least. The pandemic, the lockdown, the sudden changes, it was unprecedented and least expected. One of the major changes that 2020 brought in was the shift to online education. Not many teachers had the breadth and depth of knowledge about online teaching but 2020 saw a marked increase in the number of online teaching jobs.

There are plenty of online teaching jobs available and it is a great way to carry lessons across. Today, we will be looking at the main advantages of online teaching jobs and why the shift will benefit you.

Advantages of Online Teaching Jobs


Online teaching platforms are efficient and effective. Teachers can use multiple teaching aids like videos, images, animations and likewise to convey the concepts in a better fashion. For instance, with Teachmint, teachers can easily share study materials and assignments and conduct tests within a few clicks. It is easier for teachers to stay connected with students and their parents. Everything is a click away.

2. Convenience and Accessibility

The kind of convenience that online teaching jobs provide cannot be sidelined. Unlike the regular teaching jobs, online teaching does not require the teacher to be at a particular location. The teacher can conduct the classes from anywhere at any time and this in itself is a huge advantage. The same applies to the students as well. They can access the online classroom from anywhere and this opens the door to new opportunities and possibilities.

3.Cost Effectiveness

Online teaching is cost effective. It is the best platform for beginners since it does not require infrastructure or a lot of set up cost. All that is needed is a decent internet connection, a mobile device and a good online teaching app. The teachers can collect fees from the students or if they are part of an institute or a platform, they will be paid according to the industry standards.

4.Saves Time

Online teaching jobs are easier than regular teaching because of automation and the tools available. Of course, teaching is not a cake walk but with the numerous online teaching tools available, it saves time and effort. For instance, online assignments and online tests give a safe and time recorded road for turning in tasks. Automated grading and attendance marking can take a huge load of work off from the shoulders of teachers. This decreases the problems that are associated with traditional teaching.

5.Better Reach

For independent teachers and tutors, the reach is usually limited to kids in your locality or city at the maximum. Online classes help to redefine geographical boundaries, you can reach a large multitude of students and can take your teaching to the next level. There are a lot of teachers who have been able to scale up their teaching because they shifted to teaching online.

Requirements for Online Teaching Jobs

What are the main skills that are expected out of an online teacher? It is not much different from that of a regular teacher.

1.Communication Skills

It is of paramount importance for the teachers to be good at communicating. Especially when it comes to online teaching. It is a skill that teachers get to develop everyday. An online classroom must be a platform for two-way communication and a teacher must listen to what her students are feeling. It is not necessary that the communication should be verbal. Teachers have to pick up on non verbal cues as well.

For example, some students may find it difficult to raise their hand and clear their queries. They might be apprehensive of live chats. As teachers, you have to communicate that the online classroom is a safe space and that no one would be judged. It is also important to talk to the kids who are shy and to make them comfortable.


Change is the only thing that is constant and as online teachers, it is essential to be open to change. The technology is advancing everyday and it is important to stay upskilled and to learn everyday. It is said that a great teacher should be an exemplary learner.

3.Problem Solving

Though online teaching brings ease and effortlessness to the table, there are things that may go wrong. It might be the internet connection, it might be a glitch in the app that you are using, it can be countless other reasons, as teachers, you should be quick on your feet and be ready to solve anything that may come your way.

4. Patience

Every child is unique and their learning styles are different. There might be situations that test the patience of teachers but, as the saying goes, patience is key and when it comes to this profession, one has to take it seriously. Patience is a virtue and a skill that falls under the long list of tutoring skills. The teacher has to strike the right chord between lenient and strict and then they can ace their classes.

Online teaching has become the new norm, it is without a doubt, the present and the future. It is time for us to rethink, reimagine, and redefine the ways of education. Stay tuned to this space for more information about online teaching and the development in the education sector.

Happy learning and happy teaching!

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