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Smart study-Memorization vs. Understanding

How did you study in your primary classes? Do you remember the days when you used to repeat the words to memorize them? That was the most common learning process used in a majority of schools. However, repeating the words continuously is not considered an effective way for smart study. Instead, understanding the concepts is a proven way to remember things for an extended period. The learning process also evolves during school time. As you move up the grades, the focus shifts to critical thinking. As a result, you need to learn to apply concepts to solve practical problems.

Schools in different countries have different approaches to induce smart study. For example, Finland focuses on small classes with broad guidelines to help teachers prioritize the individual needs of students. Likewise, the Chinese education system focuses on memorization, linguistics, and standardized tests as a teaching-learning strategy.

Students should find a balance between memorization and understanding to evolve their learning process. Here are a few tips that can help you combine memorization and understanding to prepare better for different tests.

Tips to get started with smart study

Ask for help from your teachers

If you are facing issues understanding the course content and how to proceed further with different chapters, move straight to your teacher’s office for help. Approach your teacher for a constructive discussion. Remember not to sound nervous before them. Most teachers are eager to help students if you seek assistance from them. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to approach the right professor or teacher for assistance. Understanding the course offerings is a step that brings you closer to smart study.

Remember the formula right away

Remembering vital mathematics formulas and history dates will help you score better in your exams. Try to remember these details as soon as your teacher shares them with you. If you wait till the end to memorize these topics, you won’t be able to understand them completely. Moreover, try to practice mathematical equations every day to score better in exams. It will help you become familiar with equations and concepts. Practice more to get better scores in your exams. Remember important details and study smartly.

Refer to past tests

Referring to past question papers will give you a better insight into the type of questions asked in the examinations. You can use these papers to practice for your upcoming tests. Schools and colleges do not repeat the questions asked previously, but it will help you understand what you can expect in the examination hall. Also, referring to past question papers is the most used technique of smart study.

Remember names and not dates

If you have taken history or literature as your subjects, you will need to learn the names of historical characters and literary figures before your exams. However, remembering all the information at once may make you overwhelmed. Moreover, the most historical question may not ask you to mention the exact dates of the events. Instead, you need to mention the correct names of different characters while attempting questions. Therefore, try remembering the names of the characters to score better. You may use mnemonics techniques or flashcards for smart study.

Find a motivation to study

Every learner has a motivation factor that helps them study hard to score better in exams. Some may be learning to gain knowledge, while others might be learning to secure a good job. These reasons may be different for different students. You need to find your reason to study smart. What is that one force that keeps you going? Find the answer to this question and focus your attention on your goal to score better in exams.

Memorization vs. Understanding

Memorization is helpful when you want to remember the information at a given point in time. It is effective to remember crucial topics and concepts. On the other hand, understanding a concept will help you use that information whenever and wherever you need it. Therefore, we suggest that you understand the gist of a topic if you want to learn better. Memorizing is helpful to score better in exams, but it does not provide long-term benefits.

For smart study, take help from your teachers, figure out your motivation factor, and be consistent with your efforts.

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