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Top 10 Courses for Students After 12th


It is normal to be confused when you are looking forward to choosing courses after the 12th grade. There are numerous career paths to pursue. However, the most indispensable aspects that help you select a course are your interests and the growth opportunities that it holds. Sometimes a course that might interest you, may not have as much potential for development in the future and vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial to consider all important facets before finally choosing an academic course after the 12th grade.

Courses after 12th

Here are the top 10 courses for students to pursue after 12th from all the three streams - Arts, Commerce, and Science, with exceptional career opportunities:

B. Tech

The technological world continues to expand exponentially. Consequently, for students with a fascination with technology and sciences, pursuing a B.Tech degree can be a productive career path. It includes various specialisations like Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, and various others. In order to pursue a B.Tech. degree, students must have completed 12th from the science stream.

B. Arch.

If you have always been intrigued by the grandeur of majestic buildings and structures, B.Arch can be an appropriate course for you. While pursuing B.Arch. course after 12th, students get to study history, art, material science, and engineering of buildings. Specialisations of the course include Architectural Design, Building Technology, Community Design, etc. After pursuing the course, students can choose from designations like Design Engineers, Art Directors, Civil Engineers, and Structural Engineers, among others.


In the tech-savvy world that we live in, computers are reigning over humans. Pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Application comes with numerous growth opportunities. Getting a comprehensive understanding of programming languages, software and hardware, database management, and other related subjects, a BCA graduate can work in IT sectors as Programmers, Analysts, Software Engineers, and Researchers.


Another course for students who want to become doctors in the future is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. To pursue an MBBS degree, it is essential to have completed 12th grade with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology). The course is divided into subsets that one can choose from based on their interests. Some of the specialisations of the field include General Medicine, Dermatology, Paediatrics, Anesthesiology, Psychiatry, etc.


Students who have a knack for commerce, have ample career opportunities after pursuing B.Com. They can work as Managers, Business Development Executives, Business Analysts, Digital Marketers, etc. The course provides students with fundamental learning in subjects like Accountancy, Business Management, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Business Economics, and other field-related subjects. Companies like Accenture, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, and others are always on the lookout for skilled B.Com. graduates and postgraduates. It furthermore offers impressive monetary growth.


BBA is one of the most opted-for courses after 12th by the students of all three streams. If you wish to learn about the functioning of business, BBA can be a suitable career choice. The study program furthermore has numerous career opportunities like Business Development Executive, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing, Operations Management, etc. The course allows students to learn concepts like Accounting, Business, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Computer Fundamentals, Business Mathematics, and other subjects.


Another course highly opted for by students after 12th grade is CA (Chartered Accountancy). Although it is widely known among students for its level of difficulty to pursue, it yields impressive results and offers enormous monetary growth to students. To take admission into the course after the 12th, students are required to pursue a course on Cost Accountancy by ICWA or a Chartered Accountancy course by ICAI. After completion of the course, you can pursue chartered accountancy both independently or with a firm.

B.A. (Honors)

One of the best and most widely opted courses for students who have finished the higher secondary education in the Arts stream is B.A. (Honors). It has several sects from which students can choose the one that compliments their future career path the most. A few specializations include English, history, mathematics, political science, geography, psychology, and economics among others. Ample career paths are available for students with a degree in B.A. (Honors) like being a professor, content creator, digital marketing, translator, journalism, etc.


BFA stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts and it is an appropriate course for students with creative minds and the desire to draw, sketch, and design. It is a three-year-long course that can help you master the techniques of visual arts. Any student who is looking forward to pursuing a BFA degree should possess skills like creativity, imagination, painting, drawing, and communication skills. A BFA degree can also be beneficial for students who wish to make a career in Interior Design.


BJMC or Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication can also be a profitable course after the 12th grade.  Students who have an aim to bring news to the general public should opt for BJMC as their career choice. The three-year-long study program teaches students concepts including communication, constitution, state politics, print journalism, mass communication, etc. Post completion of the course, students can choose to become media consultants, journalists, news analysts, photojournalists, etc.


These are the widely opted courses for students after 12th. No matter what course you might wish to choose, several things should be kept in mind before finally making the choice. Primarily, pay close attention to the eligibility criteria for taking admission in a course. Secondly, do not simply go by what your heart says as it is crucial to consider both the future growth possibilities as well as your interest to make a more informed decision. Finally, research the prospect companies that hire students in your opted field and the salaries offered.

After completing grade 12, you might as well feel lost due to the enormous paths available and lack of knowledge. To assure that you’re making the right choice, you can also take help from a reputed career counselor who can help you decide better.

After all, this one choice can set the course right for your future. Take your time and choose wisely!

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