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How Teachmint Can Help Your School Enable NEP 2020 Guidelines

NEP 2020 has changed the learning landscape in India. The policy aims for the holistic development of students and envisions an education system rooted in Indian ethos that contributes directly to transforming India. After the NEP 2020 came into effect, schools started preparing themselves to follow the NEP guidelines. Teachmint enables education institutes to become NEP compliant. With our advanced LMS, ERP modules, and comprehensive digital content, schools can unlock a new and interactive way of teaching and learning.

How Teachmint Helps Schools Become NEP 2020 Ready

Teachmint can help schools become NEP 2020 compliant with respect to these major policies:

Early Childhood Care and Education: The Foundation of Learning

“The overarching goal will be to ensure universal access to high-quality ECCE across the country in a phased manner. Special attention and priority will be given to districts and locations that are particularly socio-economically disadvantaged”
  • TeachBharat, a NEP-focused offering by Teachmint, provides a digital infrastructure to government schools to improve learning outcomes
  • The free Mobile App enables teachers and students to connect with each other at their convenience. Students can raise queries, collaborate with their peers, and discuss relevant topics through the mobile app
  • Teachmint-OrangeSlates partnership offers various courses to help teachers learn and grow in their careers. The courses have a perfect mix of teaching strategies and pedagogies to meet modern education needs

Curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Levels

“A concerted national effort will be made to ensure universal access and afford opportunity to all children of the country to obtain quality holistic education–including vocational education - from pre-school to Grade 12”
  • Our Attendance & Admission Management System ensures students do not drop out of school owing to a lack of interest in studies or because of complexities in the admission processes
  • Our Performance Management System helps admins and teachers understand students' learning curves to guide them in the right way
  • Learning in a collaborative space amplifies student performance. Our Digital Content, Live Classes, and Study Materials paves way for collaborative learning. You can connect with teachers and students, share learning materials, and track topic and subtopic level performance to prevent dropout
  • Teachmint Integrated School Platform for better connectivity with parents, teachers, students, and admins on a single platform. We help you track all activities on an interactive dashboard

Foundational Literacy and Numeracy: An Urgent & Necessary Prerequisite to Learning

“Every literate member of the community could commit to teaching one student/person how to read, it would change the country’s landscape very quickly."

NEP 2020 lays special attention on community learning and maintaining ideal environment in the learning community. Teachmint helps you enable these guidelines with the following features:

  • Classroom Management to monitor the class size and maintain the ideal pupil-teacher ratio
  • Teachmint School Yearly Calendar Planner to set up annual events, exam schedules, holidays, and daily activities
  • Teachmint-OrangeSlates partnership to introduce teachers to new-age skills
  • Online Live Classes and Chat feature to reach a wider audience and resolve doubts in real-time
  • Library Management System for indexing and managing of books in a few clicks

Teacher Empowerment

"Each teacher will be expected to participate in at least 50 hours of CPD opportunities every year for their own professional development, driven by their own interests."

Teacher training and education is a crucial aspect of the NEP policy. These Teachmint features help you enable this guideline with:

  • Notice Board, Homework, and Tests for improved transparency and enriched teaching experiences.
  • Admission and Attendance Management to improve teachers’ productivity and reduce their workload
  • Teachmint-OrangeSlates partnership for teacher upskilling and introducing them to new teaching strategies and learning pedagogies
  • Mobile App, Digital Whiteboard, and Live Class Recordings for tracking everyday activities and providing a holistic learning experience to students

Curriculum and Pedagogy in Schools: Learning Should be Holistic, Integrated, Enjoyable, and Engaging

“To close the gap in the achievement of learning outcomes, classroom transactions will shift, towards competency-based learning and education. The assessment tools will also be aligned with the learning outcomes, capabilities, and dispositions as specified for each subject of a given class.”

Special emphasis is placed on different learning types: activity-based learning, competency-based learning, and experiential learning. These Teachmint features will help you enable NEP guidelines with:

  • Digital Content containing DIY and practical videos to offer an in-depth understanding of concepts and provide a way for experiential learning
  • Digital Whiteboard, Homework, and Tests for interactive classroom learning and improved interaction
  • Live Class and Live Polls for healthy classroom discussions, interactive learning space, and activity-based learning
  • Advanced Reports & Analytics for a better understanding of students’ progress
  • Multilingual Mobile App with 20+ languages for a better understanding of topics
  • Exam planner for proper planning of assessment examinations
  • Report Card Generator for 360-degree holistic report card

Teachmint is perfect for making an institute NEP compliant. It serves the needs of all stakeholders. Admins can keep a watch on all school-related activities, parents can connect with teachers, students can track their progress, and teachers can boost their productivity with Teachmint.

Help your school become NEP 2020-ready with the Teachmint Integrated school platform!

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