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International HR Day and Tips to Make a Career in HR

May 20 is celebrated as International HR Day across the globe. The day is marked to honor HR professionals from all over the world. The human resource or people’s team plays a crucial role in developing, reinforcing, and changing the work culture in an organization. The people’s team is responsible for various tasks like pay and performance management, training and development, onboarding individuals, and taking care of the needs of the employees. They are the ones who wear various hats. HR management may look like an easy job, but the reality is far from this. The field of human resource management is filled with various challenges. For people’s teams, every day is a challenge and an opportunity to learn something new.

How can students build a career in HR?

To begin a career in the human resource team, students can take the help of the three paths mentioned below.

  • A college degree in HR
  • A degree in related subjects
  • Transitioning to HR from other departments like operations

Getting relevant work experience in this field will help students establish a secure career in the human resource department.

How can students get the attention of hiring managers?

Here are a few strategies that can help students get the attention of hiring managers.

Get experience

Having a degree in HR is not enough to step up in the field of human resource management. Students also require relevant work experience to make a mark. On-the-job experience is crucial to establish a concrete career in this field. Students should be able to apply whatever they have studied in the practical world. If they can do so effortlessly, they can expect a good career in this field.

Build relationships

Students should focus on strengthening their professional network. It will help them get into the right company. To build a strong network, they can connect to the college alumni or use professional networking sites to reach relevant organizations.

Become a business person

Human resource is a part of a business function. However, many students have a wrong notion about this field. They may feel that being empathetic and inclined toward other people's needs makes them a good fit for the HR roles. But, this is not valid. Human resource is about understanding business and applying people strategies to get the most out of the workforce. If a student is a business person with human resources expertise, they are more likely to succeed in this field.

Manage expectations

Entry-level candidates may have set different expectations from the HR jobs. Therefore, they need to understand what they need to do after getting a job in the human resource domain. Students need to be flexible and willing to start from the bottom.

By following the strategies mentioned above, students can secure a good job position in the HR department. Moreover, they can ask their friends or family members to refer them to good companies.

How to climb the HR career ladder?

Here are the top 6 tips that HR professionals can use to make it big in the human resource domain.

Be proactive

A proactive attitude is a crucial requirement for any career. However, this characteristic is most demanded in the HR domain. The people in the human resource department need creative thinking abilities to solve problems. One of the ways to become proactive is to work closely with the leadership team. Moreover, ask for feedback from seniors and peers and act upon them.

Learn the scope of HR

Understand the scope of the job. The domain offers a variety of career paths to students. Learn about every opportunity to climb up the ladder. HR professionals can experiment with new initiatives to make a long-lasting career in this field.


Upskilling is one of the best ways to thrive in any career. Students willing to make a career in this field are suggested to join HR communities to learn about the new opportunities. Also, they can consult their mentors to know what they can do to climb up the ladder.

Utilize free resources

With the help of the internet, anyone and everyone have their hands on the right information at the right time. HR professionals can use these resources to upgrade themselves. Many open communities offer help to people working in this sector.

Spend time outside the HR domain

Understand the company’s business and its people to shine in this field. Do not focus on HR responsibilities solely. Expanding the horizon can make a difference in the career of HR professionals.

Highlight skills

Always spend time learning new things. Moreover, highlight those skills. Take time to audit the job responsibilities and ask for help when needed.

Following these tips will help HR professionals shine in their career domain. Every HR person follows a unique path to outshine, but these six points will help them make a difference in their career.

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