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Self Defence Classes are Important for Students - Here’s Why


Self defence (American spelling variant - self defense) is a countermeasure that is employed as a means of defending the health and well-being of a person from harm. The use of the self defence techniques in the chance they come across some form of danger is available in several countries. Most of the self defence that is taught is in the form of unarmed martial arts. Such martial arts training is vital to the physical and mental well-being of a person, especially when it is a student.

Benefits of Learning Self Defence for Students

Here are some of the reasons why self defence classes need to be given to students of all ages:

Protection from Danger

This is the most obvious reason behing learning self defence in the first place. Self defence tactics are a way of protecting oneself from any form of physical harm. Being trained in techniques such as judo, karate, jiu jutsu, etc. helps give the learner be alert and gives them the necessary skillset to defend themselves from any kind of bullying or other forms of physical harm.

Improves Balance, Focus and Control

Martial arts and self defence techniques such as tai kwon do, jiu jutsu, muay thai, etc. help in maintaining body balance and posture. They help the learner understand the value of focus and help them in bringing about some control in their life.


Discipline is one of those qualities that reverberates through the corridors of a school every now and then. Fostering self-discipline among students is a task that is considered practically impossible by most teachers, but it can all be turned on its head with a focus on self defence techniques. When students are taught such techniques, especially at such a young and impressionable age, chances are high that they follow through with it without breaks.

Creates a Strong Mind Body Connection

The connection between mind and body is something that is emphasized quite a bit in all kinds of martial art forms and this applies to the self defence aspect of it as well. Only when a person is absolutely focused can they defend themselves in times of need. The by-product of this strong seamless focus is the strong bond between mind and body.

Improves Physical Strength

This is a direct byproduct of self defence training. To be able to defend oneself from any and all kinds of attacks, one must be physically fit to do so. Physical strength is something that comes naturally with such training. Improvement in muscle tone, and general body tone improvement can also be achieved through proper training.

Confidence and Self-esteem

A person who has the ability to defend themselves is a person who knows how to deal with their problems. Confidence and self-esteem are the chief elements of a person’s charisma and personality. Having not just the ability but also the physical and mental strength to do so is essential to a student’s overall development.

Teaches Humility, Respect, Integrity and Honour

A person who has mastered the art of defending themselves is a person who has humility, respect, honour and integrity. All of these are soft skills that need to foster in a child from a very young age and it is quite commendable that self defence trainers are able to have that effect on them at that young of an age.

Improves Agility and Reflexes

A direct byproduct of a perfectly toned body is that it becomes easier for the child to improve their agility and critical thinking skills.

Alternative Form of Physical Exercise

Finding time to incorporate self defence classes for students can be quite the effort and challenge, but with a proper self defence practice session, it can be said that it is an alternative form of physical exercise.


As can be seen, self defence plays a big role in a student’s life and prepares them for the dangers that may befall them. It is therefore quite crucial to the overall holistic development of the child.

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