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Talk About Teachmint Contest Winners

"The average teacher explains complexity, the gifted teacher reveals simplicity."

Teachers have the superpower of achieving more with less. The resourcefulness and proactiveness that they have is commendable. The shift to online teaching can only be termed as sudden and unexpected. Teachers showed an interest to learn and grow. Talk About Teachmint Contest was an attempt to understand the online teaching journeys of teachers. We were overwhelmed with the  entries and the response. As mentioned, every participant is a winner and will be getting 1oo RS as an encouragement to take part in the upcoming contests.

We have selected the winners based on the terms that were mentioned before.(Read the terms and conditions here.)

Without further ado, let's see who the winners are.

From the numerous entries that we received, shortlisting just three teachers was hard. Here are the three teachers who aced the contest and are eligible for a brand new Wacom Pentab.

Prince Chauhan

A teacher par excellence and a valuable part of the Teachmint community, Prince Sir's video was genuine, heart warming and the quality of the video was outstanding. You ore one of the winners of this contest. Congratulations sir.

Rahul Gour

An active and enthusiastic member of the Teachmint community since day one, Rahul Gour stole the show with his simple yet brilliant video. From the quality of the video to the presentation style, everything was top-notch. Congratulations on winning a Wacom Pentab, Sir.

Rohit Gupta

He followed the rules to the T and the video was exceptional with explanations and valid points. The amount of effort that he has put in is first-class and has paid off. Congratulations Sir!

Special Mention

Prantik Dutta

An ace tutor and an active member of the Teachmint Teacher's community. Prantik Sir's video was genuine, to the point and exemplary. He spoke in his mother tongue and we were thrilled to hear that. Unfortunately, due to a few flaws in the video, he couldn't become the winner. But, as mentioned, every contestant is a winner and every entry has a special place in our hearts.

We extend a heartfelt gratitude to all the contestants. Please don't be disheartened if your name is not here today. We will be back with more amazing contests, stay tuned!

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Phone number must have atleast 7 digits and atmost 15 digits
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