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Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Students

With 2022 just a day away, you are probably coming across several posts on social media or attractive advertisements in newspapers, TV or sites on the web having the tagline- “What’s your New Year Resolution?” Now that is probably the most confusing thing to decide upon.

Haven’t all of us come up with some resolutions that we have just failed to not fulfill ever? No amount of going through the motivational quotes could push us to go ahead and follow these in our lives. Isn’t this the case has been always?

Resolutions are meant to be maintained and realized for real. You can fulfil your resolutions throughout the year only if you set realistic goals for yourself. So, how can you do that? Well, in this blog post, we will share with you some practical goals from which you can take inspiration to decide upon what should be your ultimate focus in the coming year. Let’s start, shall we?

#1: Learn Something or Acquire a Skill That is Completely New & Different

All of us have a specific subject or area in which we have a great interest. Skim the topic out of all your interests and decide upon an area on which you wish to expand your knowledge. Always remember that this “something new” doesn’t have to fall within the realm of your academics. Instead, do something in which you have passion.

For instance, you can learn a new language, acquire new skills such as digital marketing, content writing, etc., or learn to play a new musical instrument, etc. Feed your soul by doing the thing that you love. Rejuvenate yourself by learning the most-coveted skills of yours. In the coming year, strive to fulfil all your wishes by gaining mastery over something completely new and exciting.

#2: Imbibe Healthy Habits into your ‘Self’

If you are someone who follows a toxic and busy lifestyle all around the year, your new year resolution ought to incorporate some healthy lifestyle habits. Keep stress at bay. Keep yourself motivated. Be sociable and keep yourself connected with your friends via live video calls, social media platforms, or any other mode. Make it a point to exercise regularly, intake healthy foods, and practice meditation whenever you feel burdened with stress and anxiety. Stay hydrated and healthy!

#3: Strike the Right Balance Between your School & Home- Professional & Personal Life

To stay happy and stress-free, make sure you create a concrete boundary between your school assignments and hobbies, trips, recreational activities or any other personal activity. Always remember that your schoolwork is crucial, it is not everything. Recreation, spending time with family and friends are equally necessary. Keep yourself refreshed so that you stay energized and make the most of your study sessions. In the race of obtaining grades, don’t miss out on enjoying life.

#4: Resolve to Gain a Job Opportunity & Expose yourself To Work Experience

If you are someone wishing to gain experience in your favourite field professionally, make it a resolution in the coming new year to apply for job or internship positions. Expand your knowledge and gain experience in the industry in which you have an interest. The experience that you gain after attending an interview session will help you in a lot of ways in the coming days. Maximize the job opportunities for yourself, gain a different experience altogether, and have fun witnessing interesting things like interning in a company, in your life.

#5: Aim to Get Organized & Maintain Proper Strategization in Life

Pledge to keep yourself organized and maintain proper strategies to keep things in order. Aim at increasing your productivity. You may choose to organize your schedule, your stationery supplies, books or other stuff. Else, you may also decide to adhere to a routine and lead a disciplined life. The choice is completely yours as to how you will strategize things in your life. This is just an idea that can spark off the resolution that you may aim to maintain in the coming year.

It is not necessary that you have to pick only the resolutions that we listed above. Priorities and interests in life vary from person to person. Depending upon the thing that you wish to attain or improve, frame the resolution accordingly and make sure to keep it realistic. And, see yourself sticking by these and fulfilling all of these in this new year!

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